29 February 2012

Sky and Isilee and....Abby?

If I could have two...or three! more Just-Like-Me dolls I would choose.....Find out below! I'll write what I'd name them, what their characteristics would be like, and what books they'd have if they were a GOTY!

Isi (Short for Isilee) Kinths.
Her Characteristics..
Strong-willed, Playful, ''Sporty'', Stubborn.
Her first book if she was a GOTY...
Isilee Kinths just moved to Montana, Billings. There she faces the challenges of making new friends, the popular girls, and...Her new talent? Everybody finds out Isi has the amazing talent to make somebody else sing without them singing. But the popular girls take that to advantage when the school talent sing comes up. Will Isi let them force her to sing for them or will she stand up for herself? Find out in Isilee!


Sky McWilliams
Her Characteristics...
Friendly, Playful, likes to swim, Simply Charming.
Her first book if she was a GOTY...
Sky McWilliams is simply charming, and everybody agrees. Sky was born popular. But was that a mistake when she loses her true friends? Sky can't keep up with her best friends when her admires start asking to hang out. Too soft-hearted to say no, Sky doesn't have time for her best friends. But will she when her friend sends her the text message ''Sky, I feel like you don't have time for me anymore. I know it might not be true, but talk to me again when you can get away from your admires,''? Find out in Sky!


Abby Flamingo
Her Characteristics....
Girly, Fun-to-be around with, Friendly, Playful, Funny, Smart.
Her first book if she was a GOTY...
Abby Flamingo is the funnest girl in the school. She can make a big mistake turn into something funny! But is it still funny when she hurts her friend's feelings, and makes a big joke out of her? Abbey was only trying to be funny, but her friend doesn't feel that way. Find out in Abby!

How do you like them? I decided to do two posts today because I can't do a hairstyle today.
All photos are from AG

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