31 December 2014

New Year's Reevaluations and Resolutions**

**Change this word to ''Goals'' please in your mind. I just wanted the two Rs so it sounds snappy when you say it. For real, try it. ;)**

I'm really sorry for that weird H if it bother you too

I'm sure you already know this, but tomorrow is a new year. 2015. Oh boy.

There are a few personal things I want to work on in 2015 and I'll get into that later but right now a want to talk about things concerning this blog and the new year.
During January, I really want to reevaluate why I have this blog. With some people, you can read their post about anything --mushrooms, for an example-- and be totally transfixed. It's just a natural talent for writing anything. They phrase their words so beautifully and string them elegantly together and I really don't believe I have that. Sure, I'm great and what not at poems, but how often do I actually post those? I'm seriously thinking about letting this blogging chapter of my life end. I love sharing my writing pieces with you guys and I hope y'all like them too; but my posts about anything else are so bland. One option is to keep this blog open only for my poems, but then I feel like it'd gather dust {if it could} in-between each infrequent post, and I really don't want a ''dusty'' blog.
If I do decide to keep In The Wind I think a lot of things would be changing. I really want to be taking more of my own pictures. I want to share more of my life, even the ridiculous stuff.

As for personal goals, I've decided to have three big goals to work on throughout the whole year, and one small goal that I can accomplish each month. Some things take more than just one month to work on, so that would be a year goal. I'm going to decide each month's goal as I come to it. But as for the year's goal:

  • {this is the average cliche one so beware} I want to eat healthier. Maybe your family does this too but for mine we usually eat healthy for the first two months of the new year and then flicker off {nothing bad with this: it's better than never having that goal and spending those months eating bad stuff instead}. Yes, I'm counting myself in there. But this year even if I'm alone I want to genuinely try to make healthier choices. You only have one body, which is precisely why you should both eat chocolate and broccoli. 

  • I want to say yes to more things. Not only am I introverted but I'm also very shy. I want to learn how to embrace my introvert-ness and yet still say yes {to group activities and trying new things} and still be friendly and social. 

  • I want to rewrite Into the Woods. If you don't know when I was about 12/11 I wrote a short story {130 pages or so}. It was a fantasy snow white retelling. I've tried writing so many different things since then but none of them flowed so magnificently like that one did. It was the best feeling. I absolutely loved that story and I still did. There was never a day when I didn't want to work on it. I'm beginning to think I may only ever have one story that pours out of my soul so naturally, and if I do; I want to stop wasting my time and start perfecting that story. It was written when I was pretty young so obviously it's crap, but I still love the plot and I want to try to rewrite it and round out the plot. I'm going to keep most of the scenes, but add more in and develop the scenes and the characters more. So basically I'm rewriting all of it and keeping the inspiration there. :p

January's goal:

  • Drink more water. This is also a unofficial year goal but I have a filtered water bottle, and there are very few bad things water can do to you. Better skin and metabolism? Don't mind if I do. ;)

Please tell me your goals and spread the inspiration below. If you want, leave encouragement on other comments. I have no doubt we are all going to have a fantabulous new year.

27 December 2014

Some Books

**edit: I just realized my blog anniversary was on the 22nd! Guys, if you look I have never remembered to post on that day about my anniversary. ;/ Seriously though, my memory... anyway, I think I've been blogging for three years? Four? **

Clever title, eh? {Newp. I stink at titling things}

I wanted to show y'all the two books I got for Christmas! I got other things too that I'm very grateful for but I didn't care to add them since they're not books.


The Undertaking of Lily Chen by Danica Novgorodoff

I wanted this book because I heard that the watercolors are just beautiful {and they are--see picture below ;} and because the story sounded so interesting. It's about the old Chinese custom of ghost marriages.
Right now I'm really enjoying the plot and the pictures but I'm not really invested any in the actual story. :/ Hopefully it'll get better at the last half.



Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch

I've also heard a lot of good things about this one! I was at Barnes and Nobel and it looked interesting so I picked it up with some holiday money. XD
I haven't started reading it yet but I'm really excited to! I think it's kinda like Narnia where the world is enslaved in an eternal winter. 

I think I need to do a ''most anticipated books of 2015'' post because Red Queen {dang that cover} along with other books.

What did you guys get for Christmas? Books or otherwise, I'd love to hear. :)

22 December 2014

I Dyed My Hair Purple

Oh yes I did.

I came into the store wanting to get hair like the picture above. I was quickly talked out of that though, because it would very nearly destroy my hair. Instead I opted for an ombre with long layers. 

This is what my hair looked after the bleach. If you look at the bottoms you can see my ends were already started to break off. The blond part of my hair felt very brittle and dry; it still does a bit.
I actually really like my blond ombre, and once the purple fades out I'll be left with it again. I might decide to get another color put in though. ;}

All in all, my hair was bleached, trimmed, and colored. It took about two and a half hours, and even I was ready to go at the end.
I love the color and everything, but I really love how my hair feels. It feels so much lighter and silkier  and just prettier. Yay for new haircuts.

I went to a school, so everything was $56.



18 December 2014

Discussion/Rant :: Ghostwriting

The discussion of ghostwriting is kinda everywhere on the internet right now, because Penguin recently released that Zoella's popular book, Girl Online was ghostwritten. 
If you don't know who Zoella is, she is a full-time British youtuber with 7 million subscribers. {or 6, I'm not sure.}

To start things off, ghostwriting itself doesn't bother me. The ghostwriters know what they're signing off on. However, the particular case with Zoella does.
Zoe made a big deal on all her social media on how happy she was to be writing her own book. Everywhere it was ''my book'' and there was no mention anywhere about the ghostwriting. Only after the news came out did she get defensive and tweeted a picture saying: ''of course I was going to have help from Penguin's editorial team...'' along with more {full tweet here}
There's a difference with getting help-- which of course Zoella would need, considering her youtube/beauty line, etc--and somebody writing your book for you.
To be fair, we don't know how much Siobhan Curham, the ghostwriter wrote.... but I'm gathering from Zoella's tweet it was most of it.

Another thing that bothers me is while Girl Online, a book that has Zoella's name slapped on it, broke records. There are tons of writers out there who write one single book for years, nourishing it everyday, and then when it's finally published it goes no where. Girl Online was written in the time span of about two months. 
Also it digs at me that Zoella lied about her book. If you don't know, Elixir by Hilary Duff was ghostwritten. If you open up to the first page, the first thing you see is ''Elixir, by Hilary Duff.... with help by -----''. The only place the Curham is acknowledged is at the end credits, for ''being there every step of the way''. That's the sort of credit you give to somebody for moral support through your writing process, not for writing your book.

Any thoughts? Leave them below :)

03 December 2014


I think I might have used this picture before but okay

  • Christmas is everything. Well, not quite but you get my gest.
  • I've only just realized how something as simple as putting lotion on after a shower can make you feel so nice. 
  • Re-reading Vampire Academy for the third time {still love it just as much as the first time I read it} and have Cruel Beauty and the Goose Girl in line. {btw, if you haven't read the Goose Girl you should probably get on that because it's the bestest ever}
  • Green apples with peanut butter and sweetened coconut flakes are magnificent. YUM YUM YUM

and now a confession / apology to my dearest:

I say this a lot {to remind myself}, but I don't view blogging as a requirement or task. It's something I do for fun. Lately I just haven't been feeling it; and I don't really want to blog. So that's just to tell you about the recent lack of posts, and never fear, because Christmas break is just around the corner and I think I'll be blogging a lot more then. :)

19 November 2014

Grateful Dead

In the sea of life
the ship of the living
is steered by the grateful dead. 


Poem envy.

{a disclaimer I haven't put in a while: most of the pictures I use are from pinterest. You can tell if it's mine because I put my watermark on it. :)}

16 November 2014

NaNoWriMo Week 2 Update!

_______  has this way of silently dismissing people, where he turns his head away from you like he's thinking of something else.
Some would wait for his mind to return to them, but most leave.
It's the silent, I'm bored with you now dismissal, and it's what he does now.
Except, instead of him being there to turn his head away, he's not here at all.


I'm not sure if I'm going to keep the name for one of my MCs, so that's why there's a blank there. 

Let's be honest here: I didn't write a lot of these days this past week. However, my word count is:


It's not where I want to be right now, espically considering we're half way through. I'm going to promise myself to at least write something everyday this week, even if it's just two words. We'll see how it goes. I'm also going to try to at least get to 12K tonight. 

Something I learned this week:

Don't consider writing that scene, just write it. If you don't like it / want to change it, that's for the editing. During November there's only writing, no editing. It's hard to remember, I know.

How have you been doing with your novel?

14 November 2014


  gotta be careful but, this could be super sweet as a send-off
Everything was lit with one blink of an eyelash
two souls touched
and the world
s p a r k e d


09 November 2014

NNWM Week 1 Update

So the girl with the moon's name rides towards the sun city in search of a stolen magic carpet.


Word count: 6464

Word goal: 25,000

Considering this entire week, I'm actually quite pleased with my current word count. I wanted to get an average of one thousand words a day {so I could have days where I was too busy to write anything}. I'm not there, but I'm still doing fine.
So it was the second day, and I was already 1000 words in my story. I can't really explain but just while I was writing I had this acute sense that the story wasn't right for me. Maybe it will be in a different time and place. I made a quick decision and switched to a different story that I had been vaguely outlining in October; {and it feels so right}.

I don't deeply outline my stories before I write them, so I really have only the faintest idea of where I'm going. I like it like that though. XD

Something I realised this week:

This page is legit the best ever. I was really behind on Friday and the word sprints got me up 2500 words in an hour. Plus it's really fun to see other writer's word counts and how they used the writing prompts/dares. 

How are you doing in your novel?

05 November 2014


I love this song by Ella Henderson. The music video is a little bit weird, but honestly, aren't all of them? :P
Anyway, it makes me want to write all the things. Write 'em all. Maybe a poem inspired by this will be coming y'alls way soon. :)


03 November 2014


During the month of November, if I'm not blogging I am one of the three:

at dance class/rehersals
doing school

Those are three things that are more important during this month than blogging. So unfortunately it means that this In The Wind will be suffering this month from lack of posts. :( The only thing I'll really be posting this month is weekly NaNoWriMo updates.

Thanks for understanding and I hope everybody who is doing NaNoWriMo does really well this month!! :)

28 October 2014

Lavender Pixie Cut

All the yeses.

So I had a pixie cut once upon a time, and it was fab. {  It stinks growing it out though }

But I've been craving another one for a long time and I've been wanting a new hair color---

this cut:

this color:


What do you think? I'm hoping I can get it after Christmas. {I'm in the nutcracker, so no crazy hair until the show}


22 October 2014


I took your heart in my hand
and I crushed it until I was stained red.
In pieces it broke,
barely beating; still yearning to mend.
I watched you try to stitch it up again.


 I have the general ideas of my NaNoWriMo novel down, but I'm still trying to figure out what I really want the story to be like. I'm not sure if I've already told y'all a bit about my story, but the first 1-2 thirds of the book is going to be only poems. I'm going to be writing a lot of new poems, but I think I'm also going to use some from here. 
The main character of my story is going to be the one who ''wrote'' all the poems, and then at the end it'll change to a normal story format. 

I feel like this kinda restricts what I can write about though. The whole broken girl meets broken boy and together they mend plot is kinda being overused, and I don't want to write a story where the girl is saved by the boy. 
I'm thinking maybe what I'll do is the main character {who is a girl, btw} is manipulative and breaks this boy's heart. She feels guilty but she doesn't really ''know why''. So she writes the poems which take place over a period of time and then the story starts when the last poem is finished. The story will kinda be about her ''finding herself'' and changing and all the good moral stuff.

Okay, I'm excited. I think I just found my idea. :)

What are you writing about?

14 October 2014

The Moon

 Moons  http://www.nomad-chic.com/search/index.html?term=moon

The moon washed us in its silvery light,
making an unforgettable moment.
The world was empty except for us. 
Not a bird chirped nor a cricket sang;
The streets were empty 
but the sound of our hearts shook the world.


This is my NaNoWriMo username!* If you have one too I'd love to be friends. 
If you don't have a account or don't know what NNWM is, I'd really suggest doing it / learning about it! Even if you don't finish a novel in a month it's still really good to be getting that experience and improving your writing. Joining is free and it only takes five minutes, so there's really no excuse not to! :)

*My account is on the young writers program. There is an adult one, but I like the younger one better because I get to choose my word count; plus I'm not totally up for a 50,000 word novel yet. haha ;)

04 October 2014

Chapter Three | Kittens and Cupcakes Writing Challenge

Okay, so I have wifi now *dances* and I'm all ready to write!

I was challenged to write chapter three by the wonderful and beautiful Tane. Thank you so much! <3 <3
Stealing Tane's words: the idea is that a whole bunch of different bloggers work together to write one story - each of them writing and posting their own chapter. It's wonderful, isn't it?

Now that you know what's up, let's go on:


^ If you agree to do this challenge after being tagged, continue on to the next chapter of the story and tag all the previous chapters.

^ Write the chapter, incorporating the challenge words and situations.

^ If you aren't going to do it tag somebody else-- however, don't add your own challenge words/situations.

^ After writing your chapter, tag somebody else and add your own challenges.

^ Add the picture above to your post. {optional}

If you'd like to get caught up, read:

Tane's words for me are:

Galaxy | Friendly | Wild | Tears

And a situation:

An Accident


The galaxy is too small to hide my tears. Everybody must hear my wreaking sobs, the wild and uncontrollable things coming out of me. 
''It was an accident, it was an accident!'' The younger freshman was nearly crying also. ''Stay. Away. From Me,'' I hissed, flinging out my hand, which was now stained blue, at her. She flinched and her friends with the too friendly faces took a step back.
''You better run far, far away before I ruin you.'' I stood up and brushed the dust off my plaid skirt.
The freshmen took my good advice and bolted.
And then the sharks, also known as my popular friends, came to play.


I hope it has become clear to you that I should stick with poems. ;) Anyway, I challenge Bethan to do this. Everything she writes just blows my mind. Here are my challenges:



A note
Something concerning a treadmill

And there we go. Thanks again for tagging me Tane and have fun Bethan!

30 September 2014


The sky holds millions of stars,
My heart is one of them.
It laughs and dances with the others, 
Never leaves their sides.
But when it falls,
It falls alone.


Y'all better appreciate me because I had to write this on my phone. ;) oh internet on computer, why don't you work?

29 September 2014


I haven't posted in ten days? Whhaaaaat? Just kidding. that's pretty usual for me.

look at all these photos. Much artsy. So filter.

NaNoWriMo is coming up, so that's exciting.

{I'm dead basically and I'm only posting to say hello. Hello. Sorry this is a stinky post. I'll write something fantastical soon and post it.}

I'm re-reading Shatter Me, WHICH IS AMAZING, but I'm going to need something else soon. Have any suggestions? Please oh please oh please leave them below.
Also, would anybody like me to do a review on the entire Shatter Me trilogy? I feel like I have a lot to say and I want to tell you just how much I despise Adam.

19 September 2014


We were hurting, but we were always okay.
The hurt made our hearts dull and worry waltz but we were always okay.
But then we weren't, and the pain never stopped.
It breathed with me; out in out in. 
It slept in the same bed as I, never touching but always there.
But then I could take a breath without it laboring me, 
Sleep without its watchful eyes.
The hurt didn't stop but it lessened and
we forgot sometimes.
But we were okay then, as we always will be. 
The waves of hurt only blinded me sometimes.

17 September 2014


Everything dies as he walks by, the tall stranger.
Spring's flowers wilt and the trees turn into spindly white things.
He walks soundlessly to the porch while I press my fingers to the window.
Frost is everywhere.
His breath is now on the other side of the glass pane, his hands mold mine.
Stippling cold races throughout the house.
His face is devoid of emotion, such an honestly cruel one.
He whispers the words I long to hear, the ones I loathe.
The glass shatters and his hands are on my throat and I
w a k e   u p

I'm pretty sure I had a dream like this one sometime. I was making my coffee and looking out the window when I remembered it.

If you've got the time, I'd love for you to comment how you felt when reading this. Were there pleasant ''oh that's creepy but I don't mind too much'' chills, or was it just ''meh''? It'll really help me improve. :)

11 September 2014


She was warmth on a stormy eve,
sweet promises on hot summer nights
He tried to catch her eye,
but she was shining too brightly.


Today's 9/11. Just remember to love somebody today and keep everybody in your prayers. <3

06 September 2014

Things I'm Grateful For

I was thinking today about everything I didn't have and I wanted. I had a long list-- a glittery Kate Spade phone case, some more makeup, a ton of books... and I had to tell myself several times before I believed it, I already have so much. Not only the basic things needed to live, but so many things I don't need but have for comfort and entertainment. 

{If this is word heavy skip to the list to get a read over}

The Basics:

I've got a house; it's beautiful and has happy yellow walls. I have a bed; it's ridiculously soft and cuddly. I have food to eat; not only the norms but things I like to eat. I have water; it's flavored. I have clothing; it's warm and fits me but not only that, it's pretty too. I have winter coats; I'll admit I actually have a lot more coats than I need because I love them so much. I have some pretty amazing family and friends who care for me and sacrifice so much. I have an education, and I'm getting one currently; but I'm home schooled, too. {Once again, I have an education... there are people in this world who don't have one and desperately want it, and I'm complaining about algebra}. I have medicine, not only that but it's readily available for me when I need it.

The Excess:

I have some pricey makeup; I don't have a lot of it but the ones I do I enjoy so much. I bought this pretty dress yesterday that I didn't need in the slightest. I have wants that I can entertain. I have a phone and Internet to go with it. I have a dog and two birds and I can feed them. I have junk. Junk means I had too much stuff in the first place and instead of complaining about it it should be an honor.  I have a library close by and I have a pretty dandy library card for it. I have many happy memories of buying orange tic-taks at the grocery store and visits to the library and jolly Christmas'; I can't think of many bad memories. I sorta mentioned this above, but I eat food for pleasure rather than to live, and that's a blessing. In America I can practice my religion freely; so many others are persecuted for it in other countries. I dance about nine hours a week, and that gets pricey but I have wonderful parents who support it and pay for it. I have a ton of books; I don't need any of them in the slightest but I have them so I can read them whenever I want. I don't like my body sometimes but I have to remember that it's pretty amazing just because it works. I can move it and it keeps my healthy, and technically I could create a small human with it {I'm not going to anytime soon though}. I have shoes not just because they protect my feet but because I enjoy them. I have some amazing followers who leave the nicest comments and make me feel warm and fuzzy inside {like a pumpkin spice latte}.

The Excess heavily outweighs The Basics and I could go on much longer about The Excess.

Things I'm grateful for that I want to stress:

  • Our bodies. It's something us humans complain about often and we forget the amazing things we can do with it.
  • My education
  • House, food, bed, warm clothing, and everything else I can name off carelessly.
  • My biggest worries are my pinkie toe's nail coming off {it freaks me out} and I can't even think of anything else because I'm blessed not to have many.
  • Junk. It means you have an excess amount of stuff {that is hidden under my bed *awkward cough*}
  • Freedom to choose my own religion and practice it.

This was rather rant heavy and maybe it was boring and you didn't care; but it helped me realize everything I have. You guys know I love you but I do this blog for me, not you guys. <3
Also, you probably know the rift but I wasn't bragging, and all those other things I don't need to say because you guys understand.

What are you grateful for?

04 September 2014

Music You Should Listen To

I'm not a die-hard music person but I still have my favorites and I definitely think you should listen to them. ;)

Cool Kids - Echosmith

 A Sky Full Of Stars - Coldplay


Don't - Ed Sheeran


That crazy british man.

What is your favorite songs?

30 August 2014

Break Free

There were only two options for a girl like her, in her situation.
She was going to break down, shut everything out and try desperately to cease to be. Or she would explode, anger and rage flowing through her soul like a river.
But there was another, I suppose.
She could break free of her cocoon and become a butterfly with brightly colored wings.




[ Now go write some awe-inspiring stories and let me read them first. ;) ]

26 August 2014

Fandom News

There have been so much news about new books coming out in various different fandoms, and I'm so excited! Here it is in case you haven't heard it yet. :)


Okay, so we're getting so many new installments of books here.

The Dark Artifices 

This trilogy supposedly takes place five years after the end of Heavenly Fire. It's featured around Emma Carstairs, but there should be some cameos of the characters we already know and love. The first book is set to be published fall 2015.

The Last Hours

This trilogy is centered around all of the characters' from TID children and their adventures. The first novel is set for a 2016/17 release date.

The Wicked Powers

This is a possible trilogy which will take place three years after The Dark Artifices and wrap the entire Shadowhunter Chronicles up. However, I don't think this one has been confirmed yet, unlike the others.

The Secret Treasons

This will be a graphic novel about The Circle and all it's members. I don't think there has been any info about a realease date, while it is confirmed.

Those are so many new books and I'm so happy we get to see more of the Shadowhunter world. If you're curious about the timeline of the novels already out, here is Cassandra Clare explaining it: http://cassandraclare.tumblr.com/post/94644201804


Is set to have two more books! I'm really glad because I felt like The One left a lot of loose ends. Hopefully these two books will tie those up.
It is going to be from a different character's point of view, but we'll still see the characters we already know. Here is Kiera Cass explaining it:

The fourth novel, The Heir, is set to come out summer of 2015. 

I'm so excited for all these new books! Are you in any of these fandoms?

23 August 2014

Before Summer Ends

Before summer ends:

Read as much as you can.
Don't put your books down. You've only got so long to enjoy them.

Keep the window open for as long as you can.
Let the summer winds waft in and embrace the humidity. Listen for the birds.

Drink as much iced coffee as you can.
Don't mind the watery fingers you'll get from the perspiration. Do it before it gets too cold.

Sleep as much as you can now because you sure ain't when school starts. 

[a lovely little disclaimer: none of these photos are mine. all were found with the use of the beautiful Pinterest]

21 August 2014

About Awards/Tags

Hey y'all!
This will be a simple little post, so skip it if you're not up for it. :)


As my blog has been expanding, I've been receiving more blogging awards.
I'm so, sooo grateful that you guys think my little ole' blog is worthy of awards. I love y'all so much and I think it's wonderful.

However, I don't really like doing awards. For one, I feel they often can be boring. Typically I get bored typing them all out, and if I'm bored, you guys are surely so bored.
For another, I have more ''room'' for other posts when I don't do awards. I'd rather have some amazing  thought-out content for you guys rather than an award put hastily together because I have to leave in thirty minutes. 
I do definitely agree that they're typically a wonderful way to get to know the bloggers, though, so I try to do them once and a while for new followers.

Since I'm not doing blog awards, please don't tag or nominate me for them. There are so many other wonderful bloggers who deserve them and would do them, and I don't want you to waste it on me when it could be used for one of them. :)

Thank you guys for understanding, and I'll have a new post out for y'all soon! 

10 August 2014

Bethan's Writing Contest

This is my rather late entry for the lovely Bethan's Writing Contest. If you haven't entered, you totally should! You've got until the last of August. 
Congratulations of fifty [now sixty-five] followers, Bethan!

''When will you tell them?'' he asks.
When will you tell them, the words echo the empty halls.
The truth is cold and harsh on my lips.
''When it benefits me.''
And nothing else is said of that;
because my voice was too cruel,
because I am too cruel and unforgiving and not nearly human enough. 


post script: If I did a writing contest, would you enter? I haven't because they aren't so hard to find and why would you enter mine when you could enter somebody else's? I don't know.