27 June 2014

Don't Read This

It's going to be a misty-mashy sort of post. I'll attempt to be funny. :p

Are you reading this? You rebel.

I don't get book characters. Like:

''ah! The zombies are coming! We're all going to die!''

While I'd be like:


And Sebastian trying to burn the world down? Awesome. All for it.


It's summer, and, believe it or not, I actually kinda miss not having something to do. All I do is eat, read, and watch youtube videos. Mhmm. I feel your judging glare.

I'm trying to write something. I'm trying to draw imagination out of my brain and burn it on paper, but it's a bit of a challenge. 

Ed Sheeran's new album came out and I'm poor and bought Birdy's album instead {which I don't mind. At all}.

If you read this, a big ole thank you. I promise a proper end-of-the-month post is coming soon. 

23 June 2014

Resting on Gold

Your words are bitter, and so's your soul.
You've lost everything,
so you're going to burn down everybody else's, too.
It doesn't matter who you hurt,
you need to be higher,
on a throne darker and much worse.
climb, climb, try to reach that throne on the mountain,
it's made of gold and silver, no place for you.
Watch yourself sink lower, that's where your throne is,
small and made of twisted dead wood,
waiting for you.
try to hurt me if you can,
I know where I will sit.
so throw your words at me relentlessly,
my shield is out, my eyes are away from you,
and my hand is resting on gold, there I will keep it. 


a little post script:

I am going to create a links page for my blog. If you would like your blog up there, comment below and leave a link. :) You don't have to follow me or put my button up in order to be there, but if you want to I won't stop you. ;)

21 June 2014

The Beach

p.s. that above photo is mine. please give me credit before using it. :)

I was at the beach this past week, and I had such a lovely time.
I truly think salt water does amazing things for you. Step out of that sea and your skin will glow and you'll be happy; and happiness always looks best.
Swim out in the ocean and feel the waves bobbing you like a toy, and the sounds of water hitting sand. Take a moment to breathe the salty air and honestly, I feel better than I have in a long time.
{a side note: not that I've been feeling bad partially lately, just the beach is amazing.}

And I was with my extended family all week long which was amazing because I love them all so much and I only see them once a year. Everybody in my family is so lovely, and when we're all together we're sorta a hoot.

Thanks so much to Kayla for guest posting, it was an honor to have you post while I was away! I read the post just now and it was so, so lovely, y'all.

Also, I gained three followers while I was away this week, which was an amazing surprise. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR FOLLOWING. Maybe you wish that you had never followed in the first place, and you're reading this now only because you're bored; but I mean it when I say thank you for ever considering my blog was worthy to follow in the first place. <3
I am two followers away from 100 and I'm so grateful. Two followers, guys. TWO. O.O

17 June 2014

Free to live


In that moment, she felt free.
Free to laugh and free to love.
Though most importantly, Free to live.


This is Kayla, from Laugh an' Love.
I am going to be guest posting for the lovely Madeline! I'm afraid I haven't been a very good one so far, for my Internet was down. Though now it is working, so I will be posting a few more posts before she gets back. :)

xoxo. Kayla

12 June 2014

Stories of The People

my hair is bright blue; i chopped it all off after last summer.
my eyes speak of stories I'll never tell.
my hands, fingers long and skinny, hide in my pockets.
you pass me everyday, everyday i search for a sign or recognition. 
I always wear my brown wool coat and burgundy knitted scarf, I pass you with a hopeful look on my face.
You always pass by me, too concentrated on what's ahead of you to see who's beside you.
Everyday my steps get heavier and harder to take, and I cry out to you. You never hear.
There is somebody besides me now, he helps me walk. Every step we take walks us farther away from you, and my steps only get lighter.
You finally look back and turn around and with pain in your heart ask ''where's that blue-headed girl?''


Her forehead is dotted with beads of sweat and she cries out in her sleep. Her hands paw the air, looking for the comfort of mine. I am oh so glad to give it to her.
''stay with me,'' she whispers, eyes still closed. She's too delirious to know I'd never leave her side. 
''stay with me,'' she whispered that night at the ball, when people far and many approached by our side. Her gloved hand clutched mine nervously, and I whispered again what I had said once before: ''I always will.''


It was just you and I, a story of two friends. lemonade went down our throats and flip flops on our feet. we were inseparable from the pool, remember that? The beach even more so. We burnt our noses and stuck our toes in sand, always so happy.
Secrets were whispered at night by the campfire, only the embers there to hear it all. Promises were made in the waves and days were spent with the dolphins.
Every ounce of me went into that summer, and I believe you contributed all you had too. It wasn't a one gave all and the other only half sort of thing, we were both so invested in that summer.
Tears were shed and hugs given when the summer drew to an end. You got into the bus with everybody else, and I stayed here, watching you leave. 

P.S. if you'd like to guest post please email me. I will be gone from 14th to 21st of June in the blogging world, so please email me before that. Thanks!

04 June 2014

Warm Hugs Tag

First off, isn't this an adorable tag? Oh, disney. <3
{a warning if you're new here, I usually go straight into my posts, so this is an exception. Don't start expecting anything fancy. ;)}

Bethan tagged me for the Warm Hugs Tag! Thank you so much, I appreciate it like you wouldn't know. ;)

1. Follow the blog(s) that tagged you (optional).
2. Post 2 or more pictures that include your favourite characters, books, movies or lyrics from songs (they can also be your own edits or pictures).
3. Tag 5 or more bloggers and tell them.
4. Answer the 10 questions the blogger that nominated you has written, related to books, characters etc.
5. Create your own answers having to do with the same thing.

Those things, those things up there? They're my thing. Don't mess with 'em. {Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, The Mortal Instruments, Vampire Academy, and Percy Jackson}

OH MAH GOODNESS, I lurve Princess Bride. I would watch it ONLY when I was sick and camped out on the couch with a ginger ale and a bowl. It's just not right if you don't watch it when you're throwing up every ten minutes. :p

This is from Vampire Academy. Alright, so I've been mentioning VA more and more lately, and I'm going to address it right now: I like it. In fact, I love it. I feel like Twilight has given the vampire genre a bad name, and I promise, VA's not like that. As long as you know vampires aren't real and magic is bad {not going into that magic part, that's a different post entirely} and not to go off swearing like a banshee, you'll be fine reading it, and I'd actually recommend it. There are so many good, yes, parts in this series and they totally overrun any bad ones.

1. Favourite Disney quote?
Disney Princess movies on DVD are practically nonexistent, so I don't have any quotes memorized. Sowwy. ;)

2. Favourite fictional characters?
Rose Hathaway from, you guessed it, VA. Rose makes many brash, irresponsible decisions, but she always realizes them and learns from it. If you're going to make bad actions, learn from them and don't do it again.
I also like Gwen from Ruby Red. First off, she's british, has an amazing gargoyle friend {the deep, ominous part of me loves it}. She's not a big ''oh-my-goodness-i'm-an-inspirational-character'' sort of girl, but Ruby Red is just such a fun, nice read it's okay. I don't read those sort of books for inspiration, so I don't expect it.

3. If you could party with one fictional character, who would you want to party with?
I love Jace from The Mortal Instruments, but I feel like he'd just stare sulkily at everybody from the corner instead of party, so I'd say Simon. He's the perfect nerdy character and we could totally rock a nerdy party together.

4. Favourite Disney princess movie?
BEAUTY AND THE BEAST! I love every single aspect of it, it's just gahhhh. Disney Junior, put Beauty and the Best on, won't you? {that's really the best part of DJ. Sleeping Beauty's on tomorrow at 7? Tape tape tape. }

5. Would you rather spend a day with your favourite fictional character in their world or have an unlimited amount of money to spend on books for the rest of your life? (hehe evil >:) )
Evil is the perfect word for what you just did to me, Bethan. :P ;) You know, when you read a book, if it's well written you're IN the story, and you're spending time with those characters. So I'd rather buy all the books my little heart ever desired. 

6. Have you ever been to Disney Land? If you have, how many times?
I've never been to Disney Land, but I've been to Disney World. It's amazing, just thinking about those memories gives me happy little chills. I think I've been four times, either that or three. :)

7. What song describes you the most?
I'm not sure if there's a song that really describes me, but there are lots of songs that tell pieces of my story. For instance, right now I'm loving Words As Weapons by Birdy and Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Ray. I like Words as Weapons because it's just such a good reminder to be confident. It's the story of a person trying to tear you down with their words, and how you don't have to let them do it. Be brave, darlings. It's not that hard if you try.

8. Which character death made you the most sad?

It was such a valiant and beautiful death and, I, Madeline you-cheeky-monkeys-you-can't-see-my-last-name, never cry. Augustus Waters? Yeah, it was sad. I was an emotional wreck, but I didn't cry. 
But yet, at the dark of two o'clock in the night, i cried at Mason's death.

9. Which fictional character can you relate to the most?
I'll admit it, i want to say some beautiful strong brave little heroin in the hopes of that's how you'll think of me. But those girls aren't always what I am, only what I'm trying to be. So, right now I say Cress from the Lunar Chronicles. My family is a major tech-computer family, and I'd totally stalk some hot dude on the Internet. I'l admit it. -.-

10. What is your favourite message in a Disney movie and why?
Beauty and The Beast. Again! Belle is just so nonjudgmental and sacrificing. The movie also shows that you can be kind and caring without agreeing to marry some stranger. {okay, that's not really a problem too much in this world, but really just ANYTHING.}

Okay, so I enjoyed each and everyone of Bethan's questions, so I'm stealing all of them and using them. ;) These are all her questions, and guys, click that link at the beginning of the blog post and leave her a comment with a big ole heart in it. Please. ;) <3

1. Favourite Disney quote?
2. Favourite fictional characters?
3. If you could party with one fictional character, who would you want to party with?
4. Favourite Disney princess movie?
5. Would you rather spend a day with your favourite fictional character in their world or have an unlimited amount of money to spend on books for the rest of your life? (hehe evil >:) )
6. Have you ever been to Disney Land? If you have, how many times?
7. What song describes you the most?
8. Which character death made you the most sad?
9. Which fictional character can you relate to the most?
10. What is your favourite message in a Disney movie and why?

Now I award:

and anybody who comments ''OH MY WORD BEAUTY AND THE BEAST''. You don't even have to be first, just make sure to leave me a link so I can check it out. :)

Now, onto this:
It makes me so happy when people award me. I appreciate it so much. I love each and everybody who follows my blog {and each and everybody who doesn't}. Even if you just comment, even if you just read my blog it makes me so, so happy. Now, I'm not going to do awards for a while. Thank you to everybody who has awarded me, I've loved every second of it.
It's just that I'd rather be dreaming up stories to tell you guys than copying and pasting the heck out of a blog post. Once again, thank you. I love you guys.