20 February 2012

Retiring? News Flash!

It's for certain that a new American Girl Doll will be coming out in 2012! But when one comes, one (normally) retires. Do you think a doll will retire? If one does, I bet it'll be...

Molly and Emily. Why, you ask? Because a long time ago, Pleasant Company released 3 dolls. Their names were...Kristen, Samantha, and Molly. Since Samantha and Kirsten are already retired, Molly should be getting retired soon, too.
But...Wait a second, Cecile and Marie-Grace came. No other dolls retired when they came. This, I don't know why. Perhaps American Girl wants a big BANG! and will retire three dolls instead of one. Since they normally don't count ''best friends'' as the doll that's retiring, maybe Kaya, Molly, and Addy will retire. I hope not!
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