30 August 2014

Break Free

There were only two options for a girl like her, in her situation.
She was going to break down, shut everything out and try desperately to cease to be. Or she would explode, anger and rage flowing through her soul like a river.
But there was another, I suppose.
She could break free of her cocoon and become a butterfly with brightly colored wings.




[ Now go write some awe-inspiring stories and let me read them first. ;) ]

26 August 2014

Fandom News

There have been so much news about new books coming out in various different fandoms, and I'm so excited! Here it is in case you haven't heard it yet. :)


Okay, so we're getting so many new installments of books here.

The Dark Artifices 

This trilogy supposedly takes place five years after the end of Heavenly Fire. It's featured around Emma Carstairs, but there should be some cameos of the characters we already know and love. The first book is set to be published fall 2015.

The Last Hours

This trilogy is centered around all of the characters' from TID children and their adventures. The first novel is set for a 2016/17 release date.

The Wicked Powers

This is a possible trilogy which will take place three years after The Dark Artifices and wrap the entire Shadowhunter Chronicles up. However, I don't think this one has been confirmed yet, unlike the others.

The Secret Treasons

This will be a graphic novel about The Circle and all it's members. I don't think there has been any info about a realease date, while it is confirmed.

Those are so many new books and I'm so happy we get to see more of the Shadowhunter world. If you're curious about the timeline of the novels already out, here is Cassandra Clare explaining it: http://cassandraclare.tumblr.com/post/94644201804


Is set to have two more books! I'm really glad because I felt like The One left a lot of loose ends. Hopefully these two books will tie those up.
It is going to be from a different character's point of view, but we'll still see the characters we already know. Here is Kiera Cass explaining it:

The fourth novel, The Heir, is set to come out summer of 2015. 

I'm so excited for all these new books! Are you in any of these fandoms?

23 August 2014

Before Summer Ends

Before summer ends:

Read as much as you can.
Don't put your books down. You've only got so long to enjoy them.

Keep the window open for as long as you can.
Let the summer winds waft in and embrace the humidity. Listen for the birds.

Drink as much iced coffee as you can.
Don't mind the watery fingers you'll get from the perspiration. Do it before it gets too cold.

Sleep as much as you can now because you sure ain't when school starts. 

[a lovely little disclaimer: none of these photos are mine. all were found with the use of the beautiful Pinterest]

21 August 2014

About Awards/Tags

Hey y'all!
This will be a simple little post, so skip it if you're not up for it. :)


As my blog has been expanding, I've been receiving more blogging awards.
I'm so, sooo grateful that you guys think my little ole' blog is worthy of awards. I love y'all so much and I think it's wonderful.

However, I don't really like doing awards. For one, I feel they often can be boring. Typically I get bored typing them all out, and if I'm bored, you guys are surely so bored.
For another, I have more ''room'' for other posts when I don't do awards. I'd rather have some amazing  thought-out content for you guys rather than an award put hastily together because I have to leave in thirty minutes. 
I do definitely agree that they're typically a wonderful way to get to know the bloggers, though, so I try to do them once and a while for new followers.

Since I'm not doing blog awards, please don't tag or nominate me for them. There are so many other wonderful bloggers who deserve them and would do them, and I don't want you to waste it on me when it could be used for one of them. :)

Thank you guys for understanding, and I'll have a new post out for y'all soon! 

10 August 2014

Bethan's Writing Contest

This is my rather late entry for the lovely Bethan's Writing Contest. If you haven't entered, you totally should! You've got until the last of August. 
Congratulations of fifty [now sixty-five] followers, Bethan!

''When will you tell them?'' he asks.
When will you tell them, the words echo the empty halls.
The truth is cold and harsh on my lips.
''When it benefits me.''
And nothing else is said of that;
because my voice was too cruel,
because I am too cruel and unforgiving and not nearly human enough. 


post script: If I did a writing contest, would you enter? I haven't because they aren't so hard to find and why would you enter mine when you could enter somebody else's? I don't know. 

08 August 2014


her breath lay out before her, shattered into pieces.
She gasped for air, tried to mend the broken bits; but they danced away from her, drifting farther and farther into the clouds and something utterly beyond. 
Her heart was beating loudly, so loud she thought her ears would burst and maybe then she wouldn't feel like anything, maybe her ears were just the start of her body and she would unravel bit by bit until she was nothing, floating on the wind and all of her spread apart the sunshine like dandelion seeds. 

I've been trying to write for Bethan's writing contest, but whenever I do it never seems good enough. I know the story and I know how it will go but I don't know how to write it, which words will give it perfection. 
In the words of Joey Graceffa: ''The struggle is real.'' :p

06 August 2014

August Book Haul

     [I put the ''August'' there because it makes the title look nicer, not because I plan on having a haul next month. You never know, though}

I usually only buy a book at a time, so nine books in three ''trips'' {two of those trips were online shopping} is a lot for me. Needless to say, no more books will be bought this month. XD

The first two books are Shatter Me and Unravel Me, the first two in a trilogy. I've loved this trilogy so far, but at moments I felt like the romance was stifling. I was sorta just drowning in it and I wanted some more action. 
All of that being said, Warner is the bae. Oh yes, I'm in love with the ''villain'' of the story. 
Click here to read the Goodreads blurb of the first book.

I've read Throne of Glass before but I never actually bought it until now. It's such such a good book. It was originally going to be a fairy tale retelling of Cinderella as an assassin, but it drifted away from the fairy tale part during writing and it's amazing. 
Basically, she's a beautiful assassin and she kicks butt. YAS.
Click here to read the blurb.

I haven't read this one yet, but it was the July youtube booksplosion {props if you know what that is} book.   I've heard it's a really good fantasy novel but the start is a bit slow.
the blurb is amazing, so you should probably go read that. Yeah. Do it. :)


Like I said, the Shatter Me trilogy just doused me in romance, so I've been looking for a couple of books without all of that. I haven't read Ready Player One yet either, but I'm assuming it's going to be one of those books, so, I'm excited.
Click here to read the blurb. 

These are the first two books in the Grisha trilogy. I've read Shadow and Bone but not Siege and Storm yet. Shadow and Bone was so utterly good and I loved it. It had the right amount of romance, it's set in Russia, and it's such a dark and interesting world. It's diffidently up there in my favorite books, and I'm so excited to read Siege and Storm.
Click here to read the blurb of the first book.

Of what I have heard of We Were Liars is that it's better if you go into it not knowing a whole lot about it. But I've heard good things about the author, E. Lockhart, and also somebody {I forget who} called it the summer book of 2014. I'm excited.
It's also such a skinny little book, so I want to see what it can do to damage my feels in so little pages.
Click here to read the blurb.

I bought If I Stay as an ebook.
I was a light, easy read. I really enjoyed that a lot of it was centered on music. There was some ''deep thinking'' in the book that I didn't agree with, but I still really enjoyed it and would read it again.
Click here to read the blurb.

So that was it! :P I'm so excited to read the books that I haven't already. And I'm filling up my book shelf which is all WOOP WOOP. Now tell me if you've read any of these books or are planning to. Remember today that you're lovely and I love all of you. <4

03 August 2014

Movie Theaters

I love movie theaters. I love being surprised at how large a medium coke truly is; I love the sickly sweet smell of soda and burnt popcorn. 
I love being too cold, I love drinking so much coke that your throat is dry and scratchy and you can't get the taste of sweetness out of your mouth.
I love mid movie promises that you will never drink coke again and I love trying to drink it all but knowing you can't.
I love the sound being too loud and I love the hissed whispers behind me. 
I love previews of movies made after books I've read; I love dimming lights and knowing it's starting.


I think I love movie theaters so much because I very rarely go. It almost makes it more special. Today I saw Guardians of The Galaxy, and can I just talk about how much I love Chris Pratt? I don't love him like I love Theo James {I didn't love him until he played Four}, but because he's squishy cute and has a great personality. I remember him on Parks and Rec and maybe that's why I love him so much. 
That being said, did it surprise anybody else how much it swore? DANG GIRL. I walked into it thinking it was rated PG, because it's diffidently shown that way in the trailer. Maybe it was the talking raccoon that led me to believe it was PG.