31 December 2012

A Year Without S.o.d.a.

 I'm going a year without s.o.d.a {as in soda. I'm just trying to fail at having a cool post title}.
Or at least, trying to...

{I know, pictures of soda will not help. But I want to look at them.}

Do you think I can do it? Or do you think I'll fail miserably? If you do think I'll fail miserably, when do think I'll do it?

28 December 2012

Well, that hurts....

a short last-minute autobiography.....

''Ha ha, finally finished ya!'' I muttered, finally approving my finished Pickmonkey collage. I was now ready to prepare my Christmas post. Wondering what time it was and why there was not tasty food in front of me, I looked at the small digital clock. ''The 28th?'' I wondered quietly to myself. ''Could it be? Let's check!'' My heart racing, I went to my first post ever to see the date it was posted, certain it would be the 28th of December, 2011. 
Haha, nope. Sorry. 22th of December.

I completely missed my stinkin' blog anniversary! 

  Now that really hurts. And I, being young and rash, am doing the impossible. I'm moving my blog anniversary to today. The twenty-eighth. Let's celebrate, peeps.

//{Please pretend you never read any of the above and read on}//

It's my blog anniversary today! WOO-HOO! I was going to write a Christmas post, but then I realized it was my anniversary! I'm so glad I didn't miss it. :D
I {sadly} don't have all my sponsors lined up for a huge giveaway to have today like I had planned, so I'm moving the giveaway forward until I can get more sponsors. Info on that later.
Can you believe I spent most of my day cleaning my room? On this specialist of special days? My left ear lobe hurts just thinking about it {that's a weird word.... lobe}.

I'm going to go find some cake. I suggest you do so too, for celebrating purposes {that; and eating purposes. They're both good}

26 December 2012

Lilla Rose Flexi-Clip Review

I'm feeling rather drained {it's the day after Christmas--what do you expect?} but with the thoughts of food I've put together this long over-due post.

{Before we get onto the post, here are some sales you might want to take advantage of for Lilla Rose products {today only}: %10 off of everything, free shipping on orders of $24 or more, and buy 3 get 1 free for new customers}

I received the Large Floral Design Flexi-Clip {which is on sale right now!}  from Lilla Rose to review.

I really liked the design! All over it seemed sturdy and well made. I ordered the large because I have really thick hair {not curly, but thick} but it is slightly big. I'll just wait until my hair gets longer to do pony-tails with it. ;D

Nothing! I really liked it.

It's very sturdy
It looks the same as the picture has it looking {it can be soo annoying when whatever looks different than the advertised picture}
It worked very well even while it was large.

Would I buy from Lilla Rose?
Yes, and I think I might take advantage of their sale. ;D

Star it! {one the worst and five the best}
I give it 5 stars!

Thank you so much Lilla Rose for sending me this to review!

This Flexi-clip was sent to me from Lilla Rose to review. This is a completely honest review and all thoughts are my own.

25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas, gals! Just a few things: the winner of the snowman ornament is K.D. She was contacted. Second, anybody and everybody who guesses what electronic device I' m typing this on will get three extra points on my next giveaway if guessed correctly! Can you guess?! Third and last of all if you would like to sponsor me for a giveaway for my blog anniversary please contact me here: madeline.blueberrygmail.com                               

Okay. That's all. :D Once again; Merry Christmas!!!

11 December 2012

Awkward & Awesome

I love reading these, so I thought I'd do one. :D I've taken so many pictures and have a lot of them in drafts; so the pictures in here are sneak-peeks of future posts or just pictures I've saved on my computer but haven't posted {sorry for long sentence...}.


* Spinning the cart around / twirling {in Walmart} and some guy saying ''awesome twirl'', and I, dumbfounded, say ''What?!''
* My side-bangs after being pinned up {a necessary requirement for dancing}.
* Shepard looking like Frodo.
* The Life of Pie Pi. It's page 50, no action yet, and Pi hasn't died. I can't wait until I can kill one of my main characters in my book.
* Looking for a wedding dress {not for me, but for me to wear to a wedding} that is the right length and cost.
* Reading three books at the same time.
* At a Target dressing room I was changing in there was a sign saying ''PLEASE KEEP ALL UNDERGARMENTS ON WHEN TRYING ON SWIMWEAR'' and somebody wrote in pen ''I don't have any on''
* Mom and I in the car, listening to our radio station {not ours, but you know...}; and there's a lady talking about the name ''Jason'' or ''Jackson'' or whatever, and how she wanted her child to name her baby that. And my mom said ''I'm not going to pester you about names as long as it's not something queer''. And then me replying: ''I'm going to name my child Katniss Everdeen then.''


*Putting sugar on my lips and HAVING IT STICK. WOOT! {look up}
* Dancing.
* Getting something to review! That will probably be up tomorrow. :D
* Writing about the queerest things and knowing nobody will mind if I post about it on here, because I post about the queerest things all the time! :O 
* Thinking about my hair. Short and layered, or pixie cut? I'm heading towards pixie, but I'm not sure about getting it done in winter.... :P {Also wanting red hair but being firmly told ''NO.''}
* Using big not often used nowadays words and waiting until somebody says: '' ________? Nobody uses that now.'' and answering: ''People with big brains do.'' BURN. ;) 



The giveaway is working now! Sorry for any troubles! It ends on the 15 of Dec {2012}, so enter quick! It's the post below this one.

Real post coming later today, promise! :D

03 December 2012

In just a couple of weeks... {Plus Giveaway}

It's my one-year blogaversary! I have some great things planned, but since a sponsor hasn't replied yet I can't start all of them yet. But it's coming soon. :D

To start things off, however, the lovely Samantha from Emarie Creations is sponsoring this giveaway!


Custom Snowman Ornaments

Samantha is sponsoring a snowman ornament! Isn't it cute?! :D {you get to pick which one, and please notice that this giveaway is for ONE!} 


Samantha can only ship to residents in United States of America {look at me getting all official ;)}

I will be checking entries! Don't say you did something you didn't do. Even if it was a accident, I will still have to choice a new winner {randomly}. 

Since this is not a giveaway celebrating my followers, you do not have to be a follower. It's still an option to get more points, though. :)

Previous winners of giveaways hosted on this blog may enter. ;) I had stopped letting some winners enter, because they won more than once {in a row, haha}. But it's all fine now, 'cuz we got some new winners!

{THE GIVEAWAY WILL NOT BE WORKING UNTIL 12/3/12, 12:00 AM. Sorry for any inconveniences. Ah, silly Rafflecopter.} 


Have fun! :D  a Rafflecopter giveaway

P.S. ''Real'' posts coming up soon and why I didn't post in a WHOLE WEEK. ;)