21 February 2012

My Magical Pet

 Yes, another post for Hermione Potter. I just love writing. :o) I feel that if I don't talk about any dolls, it's kinda getting out of my focus. So I'll add some doll!

As I flung my Saxon Math across the floor I thought, whoever made Saxon Math... but right then, to my delight, Humphrey, my fire-spitting half dragon half porky-pine pet set fire to my math. Opps. I was badly tempted to say, ''Good boy!'' but I didn't. I wasn't that childish...no, I was worse. ''You cute little fire spitting pet, I love you soooo much! Very good boy!'' Humphrey trotted back to me, overly pleased with himself. I rubbed him, and remembered the first day I had got him...
He was as big as my hand. I had put him on my floor to see what he would do. I was excited when he had stumbled to my American Girl dolls, and had started licking Kit. He was so cute then, even cuter than now! But the licking stopped, and the fire came. ''NO, NO, STOP IT NOW, HUMPHREY!!!''I had shouted. Kit's beautiful hair was burning! I won't go on, because that's (hopefully) is past.

Humphrey doesn't often set fire on things now. I made SURE he understood not to set fire to things anymore when my mother's famous 80's china plate went up in flames. That had been BAD! Humphrey still didn't understand. My bed sheet was on fire, right before my eyes. I sighed. Horror. Now Humphrey should understand, because he doesn't like the sock-puppets. My way of punishment. 

Now, two years later, Humphrey no longer sets stuff on fire, and he has his own family! Three super baby pets are his! Magical pets are hard to take care of, but boy, are they cute!
P.S. Please comment, everybody, on how you like the design of my blog currently. I'm still changing it up a little, and I want to get a photo for my title. Thanks! ;)

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  1. Dear Madeline
    I LOVE this story! You are such an amazing writer!!!
    Have a AMAZING magical day!
    Hermione POtter


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