21 January 2012


So, the blog Dream. Dress. Play. is giving away a $25 credit to their store. YOU could enter to win! This will close at Jan.31 at 12:00 P.M.

20 January 2012

Molly's Adventure! Part 1

One rainy boring morning, almost all the dolls had something to do. Kit and Kanani were going to Piano Practice, Katie was going to football try-outs, and all the rest of the dolls, except for Molly, were going to a Swim Meet. And so one by one, everybody left; and Molly was alone, with only Chocolate Chip, her brown lab, for company. Molly sat and watched TV, but nothing good was on. So then a brilliant idea struck her. To go explore!

As Molly walked around places she had never seen before, she thought in wonder of everything. Suddenly, there was no where else to go, and right before her, was many pictures. Molly saw pictures of the friends she knew, like Kit and Samantha, but some she didn't know. Who was this ''Marie-Grace''? Molly heard the loud chatter of her friends, and knew Swim Meet must be over. She would have to wait to understand more about the wall, but for now she needed to go.
p.s. Stay tuned for part 2!