11 February 2012

Molly's Adventure! Part 2

Molly rushed back to her friends, her hair coming out of her braids. ''Wow, Molly, slow down! Why are you in a hurry?'' Asked Katie, one of Molly's best friends. But Molly didn't answer. She just stared in surprise. There were twins, right before her eyes! ''Oh yeah, we brought Hannah and Emily home
with us. Their mom's at an important meeting,'' Rebecca explained to Molly. ''Hi,'' nervously said Hannah. Or Emily. ''Um...Hi, I'm Molly,'' Molly said. Hannah or Emily just nodded her head. One of them said, ''Um...We're sorta dripping wet on your floor. Can we go to a bathroom to change?''
Kanani, also known as Nani, gave a small frightened smile and quickly led them to the nearest bathroom. As soon as they were gone, Molly said, ''We're going to need to put name tags on them.''
''Molly, we are not! One of them has braces, and the other doesn't! We just need to find out which one of them does,'' Katie said.
''That sure helps a lot, Katie,'' Molly said; and ran towards the secret wall. She could hear Katie screaming at her to get back ''here'', but Molly didn't stop. It was now twice the trouble, with even more dolls to find out what she was doing! But just then she was stopped by one of the twins.
''Hello Molly, I'm Hannah,'' she said. ''Emily's changing, so let's play!''
Oh no! Molly thought.

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