30 July 2012

Oh, Joy

Forget I ever said I wouldn't post until next month. :P
Anyhow, something important and exciting did happen!
 What was in the package, you ask? Britt!
 Britt is a BFC INK doll. I had heard a few bad things about her hair, but I decided to take the risk. :)
 Back of the box.
 Back of the box.
Britt is very sensitive about her hair... it has this 'paste-y' thing in it. When I brushed it it looked like dandruff. :p Thankfully one tiny wash and it was out!

 Britt's eyes are a blueish grayish color, and her black hair has a red tint to it.
Her hair is very thin in places, so sometimes it looks like poor Britt is going bald.
 She tried on my Doll Diaries tee-shirt!
 Her ears come pierced, but without earrings.
 This is her shoe compared to an AG shoe. It is much thinner, shaped, and just a bit longer.
 Britt's dress is really an AG shirt! It needed to be pinned in the back.
 Britt can wear AG earrings. Her piercing hole is about as big as an AG's.
 She's very photogenic....
 She came with this. I'm not sure what it will do; I haven't found out yet.

 She was too happy about the apple, until she found out it was plastic!
 Her shoe seems to be a little big.

Going away to find some real food... 
Britt has painted on underwear, like Barbies (at least most Barbies... :O). She has a developed figure, if you're wondering.
She's much thinner than AGs, but she's just as tall. 
I am very happy with Britt! She's a beautiful doll, I suggest her for older doll collectors. She might be a little frustrating for younger ones.

Blog Party

I'm such a horrible person {not really--I say that but I don't mean it}. Did I say I wouldn't post? I don't believe you. ;D But, I have been much better. I'm not perfect.
I'm entering Beastsbelle's blog party! 

Never Grow Up

1.  What is your favorite fairy tale and why?
I like Rapunzel just because I like the idea of super long hair, with which you can do anything with. You could tie somebody to a tree and practically go anywhere you want without your hair tugging on you.
2.  List your 4 favorite fairy tale heroes or heroines and why you like them.
1. Belle- because she loves books, and she's just so... pure. 
2. Rapunzel- because she's awesome and care-free. 
3. Beast- because looks are deceiving. Belle knew he was ugly (well, he wasn't really ugly. When they turned him into a prince he was uglier. :p {way to go Disney. The handsome prince is uglier than the beast}), but she loved him anyway. Then when he turned into a prince it was 'the best of both worlds'. ;D 
4. Eugene- because of his funny sarcasm. 

{Rapunzel- ''Something brought you here. Fate, destiny...'' Eugene- ''A horse.''}
3.  Who in your opinion is the most threatening fairy tale villain?
The Snow Queen {or witch-I forget.} from Narnia. Offering you jelly donuts and then BAM! She kidnaps you AND eats your doughnut. Now that, my friend, is what I call evil. ;)
4.  If applicable, share something about a favorite fairy tale book you had as a child.  What made it so special?
Sorry, can't answer this one.... I wasn't in the 'pretty pretty princess' stage for a long time.

5.  In your opinion, what makes a good fairy tale?
Grammar, writing- I'm quite picky. Also characters. Oh, and I HATE short sentences. {I don't like Artemis Fowle. He's all like- ''Eat. That. Jelly. Doughnut. Or. I. Will. Explode. You. To. High. Heaven.}
6.  Who is your favorite fairy tale illustrator?
Like I said above, I wasn't in the pretty pretty princess stage long enough to get a favorite.
7.  What is your favorite re-telling of a classic fairy tale and why?
Can't answer that. I think a modern one would be my favorite. I have yet to find out...
8.  Which fairy tale character is the most like you?  
Belle- we're both book worms, and I looked a lot like her before I got my hair cut.
9.  If you could choose to be any fairy tale character, who would you be and why?
I'd have to wait and read all the fairy tale books, and find the most awesome one. Because the most awesome would have the most super awesome powers, right?? {Yes, this is how I do logic. ;p}
10.  If you could have one wish, what would it be?
          a.  that a fairy godmother would come along, give you a dazzling outfit and shoes, and whisk you away to a royal ball
          b.  that you could fly
          c.  that you would discover an enchanted world outside of our own
          d.  that you would be able to go on a grand adventure
Either C. or B.  C would be like Narnia. And of course, everybody's had dreams of flying.
11.  If you could find out anything about your favorite fairy tale character outside of the pages of his/her story, what would you want to know?       
How they always look good, even waist deep in mud. :p
12.  Share a picture of one of your dolls dressed as a fairy tale character. :)
Maybe later....
I hope you enjoyed!

28 July 2012

Your Blog is Great Award!

Yes, I count this as important. If I don't do it now, I'll forget. :p
MADELINE (A different Madeline--it'd be weird to give myself awards ;) from Totally Me! gave me the award! Storyteller from The Story Club {I'm in that, so follow it! Please.} also gave it to me. WOOT!

 The Rules!

1. Put a link to who gave you the award.
2. Put the award on your post.
3. Choose 5 blogs to receive the award.
4. Let them know you awarded them.
5. Make sure to post this set of rules in your post! 

Just five? Alright... 
1.  Truly, Utterly, Carolyn 
2.  Viviness & AG 
3.  The Pink Dancer 
4.  Girlz of God 
5.  Klarabelle Candy 

Thanks so much for awarding me Madeline and Storyteller! 

25 July 2012


Did I say I wouldn't post? Opps, sorry, but I also forgot I entered a photo contest! This will be quick:

For Lexie's Photo Contest, this is my picture (the theme was beach):
{click to enlarge {I think!}}
Kit is reading a wonderful beach-y book and wistfully dreaming of the beach--isn't she quite the multitask-er!
I'm just in love with Kit's hair....

23 July 2012

Blog Went Goth/Hamster

If you're reading this, you might of notice there's a few changes. Yeah, I totally messed up my blog by accident. I loved it before, but now I only like it. So be prepared for some future changes.
Da little bro was cleaning Hammie's cage, and she would NOT go to sleep! I had to hammie sit her. She's a very active hammie.

 My dog was staring at the Hammie. It was so funny, and thankfully he couldn't get to her.
 My goth blog. I clicked on this by accident and then 'POOF!' my beautiful blog VANISHED! Yeah, I'm heartbroken. This design has now lost it's touch.
I've been having picture troubles. Anybody else? My siggy and a few other pictures aren't working.
Anyway, I've been thinking about maybe changing the blog title. I know, I did just change it. I don't know though. I'll have to play around with my bloggie a little.
P.S. Last post for the month, I promise! I know I post A LOT!

22 July 2012

Sponsor Me, Darling?

Have you ever thought it'd just be so cool to get sponsors?
I have. Lots of times. It may the most often thought that goes through a bloggers head.
I mean, getting payed for doing something you love. You don't even have to be 16 or whatever. As long as you can write, you can get paid.
I do know that while it's not likely I'll get sponsors anytime soon, I have a better chance now than when I had only 5 followers (I was so darn excited!).  A girl can always dream, can't she???
Do you want to sponsor me?
I'd be SOO excited! Click the 'Sponsor, etc.' page above and let's get started. If you aren't sure, be free to shoot me an email at
and we can talk some.
Right now I'm happily dreaming of sponsors, and even if you don't sponsor me there will be a day. So no pressure. Thanks for just reading this, for being a follower. You make my day, everyday. <3
P.S. My siggy's not working.... THIS IS NOT GOOD, NOT GOOD I TELL YOU!!
P.P.S. When I'm tired I get hyper instead of crying. I went to IKEA, got meatballs, walked around a lot, and am super tired. Sorry about the P.S. above. ;P

21 July 2012

Grape to meet you

Ha.... bad fruit pun, sorry. ;D
 The light yesterday was perfect! I bet if I had a real camera, I could of done better.
I can practically imagine a fancy lady with piled hair sitting there, in the shadows, with long fancy skirts, with little ghost children dancing about her. Frightening, isn't it?! (I don't believe in ghosts, I'm just pretending)
 We (my family and I) found this cute little grapes today at Costco.
 Their called Champagne grapes, but they taste like normal purple grapes.
 I found this sparkle on the table. I named it Fred. I think Fred's on the floor now, but I have no idea...

Link Love, Round 5

So, I have noticed something important about blogging on Google, but I'll save that for a more serious part of this post later. :p
Also, I realized, this is my 115th post! Woot! I'm sorry I passed the big 100, but whatever.
What is Link Love?
Link Love is one way to show bloggie friends you've liked/enjoyed their posts! Link Love is a nice thing to do, I encourage you to do it!  
Do you want to be shown on Link Love?
Only followers' blogs are shown on Link Love, if you are a follower, send me a link to a post from your blog you'd like to be featured on Link Love! (My blog email is: thedollworld[at]gmail[dot]com)

1. Emma is looking for pen pals (I sent her an email--and now we're pen pals!)!
2.It looks like Rosalyn and Felicity had fun!
3. How to make a Mockingjay pin for your dolls!
4. A cool post about suggestions for what dolls can play with!
5. Nikki has an awesome cafe!

So, about this important what's your name thingy:
Practically all of us bloggers have somewhere within our blog, that photo or paragraph that will normally state something like this:
' This is all property of {whoever} do not steal/copy!!! '
Some of us, however, don't add watermark to our pictures.
Have you ever used a picture off of GOOGLE IMAGES on your blog?
I sure have! It's easy to just use something off of there if you haven't prepared pictures. Did you know Blogger is from Google? So every photo that you post on your blog, you can find at Google Images. It will still be there, edited or non edited. You can try to find some of your pictures now, if you'd like.
Not everybody checks back to the link (sometimes the photos don't even have a link back). I often don't. So if we don't, we won't see that little space titled 'DON'T STEAL/COPY!!!' We'll use it, without a second thought. I found one of my pictures recently, and it had my last name listed on it {which I do not share, nor want to share publicly}.
Want do you think of this? I will diff. start using water mark on my more important images!
P.S. I wrote this all yesterday but I forgot to post it!!

19 July 2012

A day in Paris

I've always had a love for all things French. Why, I still may turn this blog French one day!
France is known for it's wonderful food, beautiful fashion, and delightful perfumes (I'm laughing at my self right now!) (etc.).
So why not title this.....


As we all should know, Paris is France's capitol, and the place were the Eiffel Tower is located. Get ready for some 'sight-seeing'!
 The perfect, fashionable, comfy outfit is shown before you!
Over Shirt: L.L. Bean. This beautiful shirt is in a stunning creamy ivory color, with small frills in the front.
Under Shirt: ???.  Is a plain white shirt, slightly gathered together in the front for a sophisticated look.
Shirt: Old Navy (kid).  This light pink skirt will stun everybody who passes you! Completed with small frills at the bottom, and 'caught' together to make it 'puffy'. This skirt is knee-length.

 Shoes: ???. Setting this perfect outfit with a flare, this ballet shoes are in leopard, full with black bows.
 Pearls: ???.  In creamy white, these pearls are perfect! They are rather short.
  Sun Umbrella: DISNEY!!! A light pink sun umbrella perfectly matches the skirt! With beautiful flower designs, this sun umbrella is sure to catch everybody's eye! 
Don't you think I could sell clothing, oui? ;) 
This outfit is also awesome for church. :D 
P.S. Please, forget the Chinese words on the sun umbrella. It's called world peace! ;D
P.S.S This is for Kathryn's fashion challenge!

Strawberry Dessert Muffins

My mom was a touch worried about me making these, because the instructions were kinda 'vague'.
But I made the mix last night (two different bowls-- the 'wet' bowl and the 'dry' bowl), and then I baked it for breakfast.
So, you see the title and you think 'Dessert--- for breakfast ???' Well, to me it's sorta like coffee cake. You see the word cake and you think dessert. But coffee cake is made (normally) for breakfast. It's the same way with these muffins.
 First things first. The recipe didn't have enough liquids in it, so if you do this you'll have to add more milk (My mom just added it until the batter really looked like batter). This was pretty easy, and though these muffins were good, they weren't really to die for. I wish the flavoring was stronger, it sorta tasted like Costco strawberry jam (only when you bit into a strawberry).
It made a nearly 24 muffins.... I'm not saying that's bad!
The topping was too die for! Who would of thunk it (yes, thunk's a word!!!)?
Overall, this was a good recipe. I'd give it 3 stars (out of five). I might of changed the recipe, though, like maybe added more vanilla extract (for a stronger flavor), or mashed the strawberries a little (more juicy, more flavor!).
To view the recipe, click here. If you want to make this but aren't sure of it, you can use vegetable oil instead of butter (that's what I did).

16 July 2012

A post of Randomness

I have no idea what this might include.
I'm really bored right now, so I thought: 'Hey, why not bother my followers and post a weird post of randomness?!' So I am. Sorry, followers!
My family just got a new fridge, because the ice maker in the old one wasn't working. It's been really hot here, so I wanted to make a snowcone really badly, but I couldn't. And that made me sad. So today I did (just before posting) and I accidentally poured a lot of syrup of my snowcone. The French people would not approve.
You may be possibly wondering: 'Who are the French People?' Well, their French (people). It seems to make more sense at my point of view.  Anywho, I read this book called 'French Kids Eat Everything' one day because I was bored. It's really interesting, so I couldn't put it down. But I had to give it back to the library, so I never finished it. So I had to request it again, and there was like 8 more people who wanted it! I'll never finish it....
You are probably very bored now, and will keep reading for the sake of it. Good. Because I may have something semi-important here.
There have been lots of rumors about Caroline Abbott and the GOTY 2013. But that's not what I'm going to post about. ;p
1-I want to see BRAVE and Avengers very soon.
1- I may have to try wearing 24-carat gold earrings soon. If I have an allergic reaction to these earrings (there are certain ways to tell, so far the signs have not been good), I can hope that I won't get allergic to those earrings. But that means I can't buy all those cute (cheap) play earrings at Walmart and claire's. And that, right now, is my earring life goal (not my life goal, but my earring life goal).
If you read all of these, thank you! You rock.

14 July 2012

Ear piercing!

Once upon a time, there was a little girl not afraid of pain, who wanted earrings so bad she could taste a penny. But of course she didn't.
The little girl grew up, bit by bit, until the tender age 6. She got her ears pierced. Oh, joy! But, here is where our heroine falls. She had a allergic reaction to the metal stuck in her poor ears, and had to let them grow back. But they didn't. Her ears stayed like that, even complete with the little ball thingy you get when your ears are pierced. They were like that for FIVE YEARS. Until one day, the brave, awesome, beautiful 11 year old girl decided: I am going to get my ears pierced. She went to the magical sorceress, claire's. Fearfully the stapler/gun/thingy was plunged into the girl's ears, and pulled out. The girl had earrings!
Okay, my story may not be exactly like that, but pretty close. I can't remember how old I was when my ears were first pierced, but I know I've had it for at least 4 years. claire's, however awesome, are not magical.
 That was the bag the care solution came in.

My red ears. :)
I got these in gold, because I was allergic to the metal. Hopefully they stay pierced for the rest of my life!!!