30 July 2013

This Week.

{''this week'' may replace a+a's. Also, it won't be on any certain day. We'll see how we like it, won't we dears?}

~Swim ending. Not quite sure how I feel about this.
~Feeling oddly calm and wishing you could drink the Silk Chocolate Milk right out of the carton. Seriously, it's really good. You know, for chocolate bean juice.
~Hearing two swim options if I want to swim in the winter and going ''Ooo, ooo, the bigger one!''
~GETTING BRACES! A few of you may know that I've already had braces, but since then a lot of my teeth have fallen out so I got them again. Technically I'm only supposed to eat soft food for the next few days, but triple stuffed oreos are too good. Just eat through the pain.
~Watching Tangled. ''...but let me just say.... hi. How ya doing? The name's Flynn Rider. How's your day going? Huh?''
~Suddenly getting a strange addiction to raspberry sorbet. Yum.
~''Alright, listen, I didn't want to have to do this, but you leave me no choice... here comes the smolder.'' ''You broke my smolder!''

Okay, really, I promise {shows crossed fingers} some pictures soon. Promise. Promise, promise, promise!

23 July 2013

The Royal Baby

British, British, British. Love it!

Because I absolutely love British things, let's talk about something quite British....

The Royal Baby!


{Tell me if you can see that or not, Kay?}


The baby was born yesterday, at 4:24 P.M. English time.

Duchess Kate & Prince William walked out of St. Mary's hospital earlier today with the baby.

The baby's a boy!

The name has not yet been released.

Fun, right?


16 July 2013

So, Normal Stuff.... Like I went Vegan.... Yeah, that sort of stuff.

Which, actually, is not normal, so, why don't you read about it ;D? {cheeky cheeky!}

So, about going vegan....

I've wanted to go vegetarian for a while, but vegan? Nutella, cheese, chocolate, and milk. Um, no. But then my mom asked me if I'd like to go vegan with her, so I said... yes! {well, obviously}
It's not forever. It's just a 28 day plan, so see if we like it. If we like it? We might keep it. Neutral? Vegetarian, maybe?
So, at this point, it's really who knows.

Believe me, vegans don't just eat sad, raw little spinach and carrots. There are a whole lot of vegan things that will spice up your meals. For instance, here's what I ate this day. All of this is vegan:

Captain Crunch Peanut Butter with soy milk. A whole grapefruit.

1:00 snack:
Chocolate chip Cliff bar.

Lunch {around 2:00, because 11:00 to 12:00 dance messes everything up {wonderfully, though.}}:
Baked potato with vegan butter, salsa, and salty green olives.

In between lunch/dinner snacks:
 Spoonful of almond nut butter and small cup of soy milk, three nutter-butters.

A pear, pear juice, black bean burger with lettuce and spicy mustard, potato chips.

{Water and Naked fruit smoothies through-out day/meals}

Yeah, that's it. Did I have any spinach through out all of that? No. {I mean, I had lettuce but... different things.}

If I somehow convinced you to go vegan through out this {which, I'm not actually trying to do}, you should know about B12. B12 is only found in animal products, and if you don't have it basically your brain will shrivel up and rot. Fun, right? Since it's only found in animal products you have to take it in a pill.

Are any of you vegan? If so, what do you like to eat?

**If you plan on going vegan or vegetarian, remember to research. You need a lot of vegetables and fruits and protein and all that good stuff.**

11 July 2013

A+A {Plus some Dauntless Fun}

  •  Rubbing honey on your face because the internet told you to. And the internet can't lie, right? {I actually may post about this. So...}
  • Ed Sheeran desperately yelling at you in one of his songs.
  • Still in my pjs at 11:36 AM. This may actually need to go to awesome. Just sayin'.
  • Someone holding the phone with greasy hands. GRRR.
  • Not having lots of awkwards because you're too lazy to remember them. Sorry. Really, I will try to try for next week.

 This is so cool! :D 

1. Up Against the Wall by Fiction Family {Hey, it was free. I haven't actually really listened to it the whole time I've had it, but still. Free.}
2. Raining by Of Verona
3. My Dear by Ruby Velle {& The Soulphonics}
4. Walk me down the Middle by The Band Perry
5. Small Bump by Ed Sheeran. Acca-awkward.
6. Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran. Again, acca-awkward.
7. Same Mistakes by One Direction. Um, excuse me, but kissing Tobias isn't exactly a mistake. ;D
8. Take the Heartland by mixed artist {The Hunger Games music album}
9. This'll be my Year by Train.
10. Blonde by Bridgit Mendler. I probably just barely passed. ;)
11. Treacherous by Taylor Swift. Haha, this was actually a  really good song to get at this part.
12. Starlight by Taylor Swift. Again, not so bad...

I hope you enjoyed that and if you do anything like that on your blog, make sure to leave a link. :D

  • What I just did above. That was really fun, folks.
  • Nutella.
  • It's going to be my sorta birthday fairly soon. Yeah!
  • The random stuff that makes you happy. Kitten? Why yes, kitten.
I'm done and pretty tired. So.... bye!

10 July 2013

I just Realized {and you did too....}

That GFC {Google Friends Connect} is still running.
Okay, Google Reader has actually closed, but GFC? A bunch of chick-a-peas in a turtle.

{Sorry for the short, rather pathetic post. Tomorrow we shall do A+A plus I will take pictures for you! Yes all around.}


04 July 2013

The War of the Rebellion

I'll make this fairly short, because everybody else in the blogging world is blogging about the Forth of July. {my inbox is already very crowded and I haven't even had lunch yet. Grrr.}
Forth of July Fireworks on Front Street, Lahaina, Maui ~ Maui Maui Maui Maui 
{^^Not my picture {and get off mah lawn!}}


{random fact: British people call the American Revolutionary War ''The War of the Rebellion''. Well, from their point of view that is what we were doing....}

03 July 2013

Awkward + Awesome

I don't normally do this, but I've wanted to {for *like* forever {sorry for my American teenager moment.}} do it for a while now, and since I've changing my blog.... Eh, let's spice it up a bit.


  • Doing school in summer. Hey, at least it's not full-blown math/grammar/spelling/history.
  • Getting an online racing suimsuit that doesn't cover enough. Found after purchased and tried on, of course.
  • Realizing that your blog will probably stay half-finished because you're too lazy to make new buttons.
  • Hating breaststroke and being fairly certain that everybody can tell you hate it when you swim it.
  • When the rest of the world loves Cruise {Florida Georgia or whatever} and you don't. Why? ''Baby you a song''. Was that meant as.... ''Baby you're a song,'' or possibly ''Baby I'll write you a song''? Just no thank you all around.
Okay, I don't have a lot of awkwards because I didn't remember the ones I had this week. :P Yeah, I know this happens when the A+A comes unexpectedly.

Ed Sheeran lyrics | Tumblr 

{^^Ed Sheeran. Happy happy.}


  •  Finding girl scout cookies at Aldi. Plus? For sure.
  • Ed Sheeran. 'Nuff said.
  • Doing fairly well on your swim meet. Asides for breaststroke.
  • Sleeping in. I never do that, even if I have time to.... :P
I'd write more awesomes but I'm running out of time {I have to get ready for swim practice. I should probably post officially about swim, you think so? Yes.}.

So..... Later.