30 December 2011

Picnic Time!

Today is such a pretty day, all the dolls decided to go outside; and have a picnic!
Samantha sat in her chair, phoning all her friends. ''Hello, Felicity, yes, this is Samantha. I was hoping you could come to my picnic!''
Once Samantha had called all of her friends, they started to arrive. Kit came with Felicity, and Kanani with Rebecca. Only Katie and Molly arrived by themselves. Soon all the girls were chatting, and Samantha had to stand on a chair so they would listen.

''Please, girls! Thank you all for coming to my picnic. I have tuna fish sandwiches, oranges, cupcakes, and root beer for us. Please follow me to my backyard,'' Samantha said, leading them outside.
  Samantha's backyard was very pretty. All the girls oohed and ahhed. ''I hope we can stick our feet in the pool,'' Kit whispered. ''Where should we sit?'' Asked Rebecca, who always got straight to the point. ''Please, Samantha, could we sit by the pool?'' Asked Katie. ''Why not?" Samantha asked, and they all sat down at the pool, wading in it a little, as well.
And so all the girls had a awfully wonderful time, enjoy their picnic and the pool.