25 February 2012

40 days of Lent, 40 days of hairstyles. day 4& 5

 I'm doing Sunday early because I won't be on Sunday. ;o) Madeline's Hair Salon is now so popular all the dolls had to try! Here is them waiting in line!
 Katie was waiting right next to the chair. When I saw her, I said, ''Katie you dear! Yes I'll do your hair! So sit right down!''
And today's hair style is....
 Take a small part in the front of your dolls hair...
 ...and braid. To make it look cooler braid away from her face. Use a bobby-pin at the end. :o)
 Do the same with the other side. Put the other braid in with braid #1 (in the bobby-pin).
 Pull hair up into high pony tail.
 And whoa! it's bee-u-t-ful!
 This is what the top looks like; awesome for the first day of school, right?!
 This one is for Sunday. Katie loved her first do, so now she came back for another one!
Tomorrow's style....
 This is what you'll need. You also need this for the style up. :)
 Put dolls hair into a ponytail.
 Take half way, and put in bobby-pin right where my thumb is. (My hands don't really look that weird, it's just the sun and the camera, right?)
 This is what it'll look like. I think it's kinda cool.
Beautiful Katie! Rockin' with her style!

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