16 February 2012

AG New Things!

American girl put out some new stuff today. I'll show a few of my favorites.

Petals & Posies Dress (for dolls + charm. He he!) This has got to be my favorite shade of blue! If you go to the AG site and click  View larger 
You'll see that when the doll's hair isn't covering you can see the bow from the side. Nice touch, AG!
I don't have it, nor have I ordered it. But I'm still dreaming of owning it!

The Tankini & Sarong. Just a comment on the doll who's styling this outfit: Ekk! Her eyes are slightly scaring me.
Back to the outfit! This outfit is also a must for me! I think the design is pretty, and look at those flip-flops!

One outfit I was not so impressed by was Hiking Outfit For Dolls. I just think it's not that great in color. Maybe if I bought it I would add different shirts or pants to it. (Remember, this is just what I think.) BUT AG ADDED A TENT!!!! The tent comes separate, but is still super cute. In the picture it shows TWO DOLLS in it and still roomy!

Okay, AG, why did you do this?

                                         AG put out the ''Summer Outfits'' for their newest dolls, Marie-Grace and Cecile. Both dresses are (rather) cute, but they are LIMITED!!!!  Some say it's because these beautiful dolls didn't sell as well as they hoped. What? These are BEAUTIFUL dolls! Some things I really, really don't understand. One thing I am really upset about is that they didn't say how long they would be out. I'd like to know!
P.S. None of these photos are owned by me.

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