29 March 2014

I can't write {and it's killing me}.


If you haven't gotten it already, I can't write.

Every writer goes through phases of writer's block. Nobody is immune to that. I almost feel, though, that what I have is more than a bad case of writer's block.
I can't write.
And I honestly don't want to.

Alright, there is a piece of me still yearning to write something pretty and cry over it and fangirl, but the majority of me? No! For one thing, I just don't like where the family computer is {such a silly thing, I know, but it kills me. it does}. It's in the cold dark basement where nobody really goes. If I moved it {i'd have to get help 'cuz honestly who knows how to set a computer up} I might be encouraged to write more.
 This part is a problem with the future: people will want to read it. Yes, moms are fine {love you ma}, but my friends will want to.
And I'm scared that I'll give them a finished copy and they won't be able to get through it. They'll think it's boring and dull and they won't tell me, but I'll know.

Thank you for listening to my dull complaining, even if you've just skipped to the end.


a later editing:
i've just peeked through my profile, and you know how they show all the blogs you follow? yeah? yeah. and so, it's sorta depressing to realize half of the blogs i follow aren't even up anymore. no, more than half. and what makes me even sadder is that I don't remember them. i don't remember why i chose to follow them, i don't remember their personality, i don't remember their posts.
and it stinks to think you spend so much time on your little space of the internet, and when you're gone, nobody remembers. ugh.
{i'm going to have a blog forever because i can't just leave and stop bugging you guys. ;)}
{{shoutout though, Piper. you have no blog, but i still remember you. you are fabulous, keep shining my little sugarplum. i hope you read this. <3}}

24 March 2014

It Was My Birthday {and the Divergent Premiere}

my birthday ''cake''. yes, it was fabulous

On the twenty-first of March, I turned thirteen. This included: staring at a 12:00  a.m clock and thinking ''I've just turned a year older''.
A Thursday Divergent 8:00 premiere. Yes, it was wonderful. Fabulous. Die for {no, not really. don't do that}. And yes, I got a large coke, thinking the large was... well, smaller. needless to say, not one hour of sleep was to be had.
A big ol' fluffy birthday tutu. Technically it's a tulle skirt, which means yes, I can wear it out of my own home.
Birthday hugs!
And... makeup.


See that? Yes, that is makeup. It is frightening and wonderful and I have vowed never to use eyeliner again.  Ugh. I tried.
I've decided I don't want to wear makeup everyday, but on days when I feel like my skin is way too blotchy, or it's a special day, I'll wear it.
I know everybody has different views on makeup / when you should wear it, but these are mine, and I'm sticking to them.

And, that's it, folks. Tell me if you saw the Divergent movie or not!!

p.s. i also got ''this star won't go out'' by easter earl for my birthday. tell me if you've read it or want to, please dears? alright. thanks

16 March 2014

Hey There Delilah


{the music video is basically a girl walking around New York, but *sigh*, you can't have everything}

I randomly sang this to a parakeet to calm her down and remembered how much I liked this song. It's an older song but I love it regardless.

And, Louis Tomlinson sang this forever ago on his X-factor auditions. EEPPP!

P.S. My mom and I just bought tickets to the Thursday premiere of Divergent!!! I'm very excited. XD

04 March 2014

Frozen Fanfiction : Kristoff's Parents

I have a lot of thoughts/questions about Frozen, but my biggest question is this:

What happened to Kristoff's parents? In the first scene, with the men breaking ice, obviously somebody had brought Kristoff along. His dad or guardian, I don't care, but just somebody who took care of him. But later, adult Kristoff told Ana that the trolls had always taken care of him, he never had parents, etc.

So welcome to my explanation.

Agatha hurled the plate at Bruno. It narrowly whizzed by him, shattering into pieces.
''What do you mean you lost Kristoff?!'' she yelled, preparing another teacup to be thrown.
At this rate, they would have no dishes left.
''Agatha, calm down! I'll find him, I swear! Markus is gathering the men to search right now,'' Bruno said, and, nearing Agatha slowly, stroked her honey-blond hair. Overwhelmed, Agatha buried her head into her husband's shoulder. 


''Nothing, Agatha. No pieces of wood from his sleigh, no fur from his reindeer... nothing,'' Bruno sunk into a chair and pushed his hand through his hair. It was obvious Kristoff was dead--three days in the snow and cold, with no food or water...
He should have never taken Kristoff along. He should have watched Kristoff better. Should have, should have, should have.
Agatha's beautiful blue eyes, the same ones Kristoff had, were red with tears. All of the village women had gathered around her, comforting as best they could.
And now his boy, his beautiful rosy cheeked baby boy, was gone forever. 
Should have, should have, should have.