27 January 2013

{please insert creative title here}

We have too many mugs,
But not nearly enough spoons,
Our dog eats paper,
And our phones are missing,
Oh, what's a family to do?!?!

*Woes of my family. And no, I don't know how to rhyme. :p*

20 January 2013

Life is a Fairytale.

How do I describe it? Yes, the simplest way is: life is a fairytale.
Yes, this fairytale has villains. Yes, this fairytale has a plot many surprising, twisting plots. But yes, this is the best fairytale you'll ever read.... er, live.
You. You get to be the main character in a fairytale. Will you be a good one, or a bad one? Are you a main character you'd like to read about? If not, become one. You get to shape your own fairytale, because you are the one who makes the choices. 
I'm in love with this picture!
Except, with this fairytale, there is no author. Will that be a blessing or a curse?

Fairytales are adventurous. Life is an adventure. Can you believe it? Sometimes I wonder how our hands work so beautifully... marvel at how wonderfully we were made. That is just part of your fairytale.

In this fairytale, there are so many bad things that happen/will happen. But that's how a fairytale goes. Keep on going, because a fairytale never ends. The author just stops writing.
Luckily for you, your fairytale has no author.

15 January 2013

NYR-In progress, finished, not started.

I told you I'd create something creative for you to read, didn't I? Didn't I? ;D
So here it is.

NYR {New Year's Resolutions}- in progress, finished, not started.

Every month I'll post which of my New's Year's Resolutions are finished or in progress, and then the ones I have yet to finish. 

The ''in progress'' lane of life

1. go a year without soda.
 4. redo my room
 6.  write at least 6 books this year
 7. finish my Snow White book series {it's a little bit hard to do that with half books}
8. start working on a book themed in the modern world
9. write in different tenses {for my books} than the first person 
12. learn to iceskate well
 29. get more active

So yes, my in progress is small and sad. I blame it on the small lane. ;D

Not Started

2. learn to draw a decent boy
3. start an etsy shoppe
5. keep track of the books i've read
10. blog everyday {Sunday and holidays excluded}
11. Write a letter to myself or anybody everyday
13. make an amazing snow fortress
14. blog about my amazing fortress
15. have a snowball fight
16. comment on at least half of the blogs I read when they post
17. buy myself a computer with my own money
18. give Christmas presents to my family, grandfather, and uncle
19. get a pixiecut
20. memorize verses that really speak to me
21. have a big sponsor giveaway
22. give something i made/bought of some value on one of my blogs
23. write about my feelings more often on this blog
24. buy a pointe-shoe ornament
25. buy at least 3 new ornaments for my Christmas tree
26. buy/recieve a modcloth dress
30. memorize songs word for word
31. read the Bible weekly, if not daily {because i struggle with this}
32. design somebody's blog 
33. pray before each meal, wether in public or not  

28. buy/recieve a nookfire {Jessie wins}

Woop-de-doo, my finished part is barely started! Hopefully I'll have something more by Febuary.

I Never Thought I'd have to do This, but....

I'm adding blogging much much more often to my late New Year's Resolutions. It comes as a horror for me because I use to post every. single. day! Now I seem to never do it. I'm very sorry, followers. And yes, your giveaway is coming soon.
Let me go pretend to be active while eating chocolate and I'll come up with something creative to post tomorrow/today. And some pictures, hopefully.

11 January 2013

New Year, New Blog Design.

{I'm sure many of you know what that's like.}

Anywho, I've got a new blog design! Do you like it? I've also got a new button, in case you want to replace it with my old one {if you put my old one of on your blog. If not... gee, this is rather awkward.}

I'd decided to leave my signature on for two reasons: one, I don't know how to take it off. two: even though it doesn't ''go'' with the design, I like it.

I also do free blog designs, if you'd like one! Here's my blog for designs {the design on there is in progress. I promise, if I design your blog, it  will not look like that!! ;D}: