23 February 2012

40 days of Lent, 40 days of hairstyles. day 1 & 2

Sooo... The title says a lot. I'll be showing you step-by-step instructions on how to do pretty hairstyles on your doll! And yes, that means I figured out how to upload pictures! Yay me!!! I've decided to do it on dolls with different hairstyles (cuts, a.k.a. short, curly, layered, long, hair) , so if you have Kit you won't be disappointed!(The first hairstyle though is for dolls with long hair.)
Yesterday's hairstyle....
Yes, this is ''new'' Felicity with her head! She'll be my model for today, say ''Hi,'' Felicity!
This is what you'll need. A doll hair brush (optional), 2 hairbands, and 1 small clip (like the one shown.).

Gather your doll's hair in low pony-tail.
Pull into to two halves, like shown (the marker is only to show you to do like so).
 Flip pony tail inside opening. It should look like this. (Tighten it by pulling hair band gently up.)
 Then braid. For better results, once braided brush ends. (Like I should of done, ha ha!)
 Felicity loves her hairstyle! I bet you're doll would, too! (It doesn't matter if she's an AG doll or not, just as long as she has long hair!)
Today's hairstyle.....
(You know, I'm making up my own names, right? Ha ha!!)
First of all, this is a hairstyle for dolls with long hair. Second, do  the same thing as before in the hairstyle up.
 Take the braid and push it up into the opening. There should be still a small opening.
 This is a backside view of it. You need to be able to see hair, so you know where to clip.
 Clip hair. Make sure you clip in middle, and make sure it is attached to her wig.
Beautiful Felicity! Thanks Felicity for helping!
So, there it is! Please comment if you like it!
~Madeline (with help of Felicity)
P.S. I own every single picture! Yay!!!

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