15 February 2012

Is it Just Me?

Is it just me or does (do?) everybody in the world want their doll to have PERFECT hair? I so hope it's not just me. I bought a head. AND I AM NOT GOING TO EAT IT!!!!!! Sorry, just had to put that in. Yes, I bought a Felicity head.
When I was six and my little brother four, I went downstairs away from my room for an hour or two.
And that's when death struck. When I came back my beautiful first doll Felicity WAS ALMOST HAIRLESS!!!! She only had one inch of thin hair spread around her wig. I screamed and cried, many a night after. (Sorry, that just sounded awesomely weird.) I bought a retired head for $40 free shipping on eBay 

One of the best sites ever. Thank you, Ebay!

Now my first doll Felicity has a new head and is sorta my ''newest'' doll, too. 
Have you ever bought anything AG on Ebay?
P.S. I will post pics. of Felicity as soon as I can get my dad to show me how. ;o)

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