22 July 2015

A Peek Through my Sketchbook

I think an artist is someone who can make people feel emotional by experiencing their work {not necessarily art}. Any sort of emotion, it's all relative. Being an artist is certainly one of the best things to be. 

A Peek Through my Sketchbook:
{all drawings by yours truly}

coffee stains are the bane of my existence



she's missing an eye... don't question it







And there you have it! If a couple of these look familiar, I get all of my inspiration from Pinterest. Duplication is one of the best ways to learn. :)


11 July 2015


There are stars in my eyes
and galaxies in my mind
Wires in my bones
and feathers in my brain
Lies in my mouth
and mold in my heart


06 July 2015

5 Things to Always Remember


Five things to always remember:

1. Everybody is going through something. 

2. There's a difference between kindness and being a push over.

3. You always have a choice.

4. Let simple silly things make you giddy with happiness.

5. You are important, you are loved, and the world wouldn't be the same without you. <3