26 June 2015

Lets Talk: Modesty!

I think I'm going to start this new little series called 'Lets Talk.' It's not going to be published on a certain schedule, but only when the time strikes me to rant. It's called Lets Talk because I want to have discussions on y'all too about what you think on the matter, so always feel free to leave a comment. :)


Modesty has been a big issue recently in my church youthgroup. The basic rules are: no tanktops and no shorts under five inches short. It's because the church doesn't want the guys looking at the girls and lusting, basically. To start off with, you always have a choice. About everything, but I'm talking about sin here. Nobody can make you sin, thanks to the free will God gave us. Nobody can make you look at a girl and lust over her body, no matter what she's wearing. It's a choice you're actively making. 

Second, putting the responsibility of your sin on somebody else is never ok. Making girls wear certain clothing is only teaching guys to justify their sin. Like ''it's okay I'm looking at her and sexualizing her because her shorts are 3.5 inches long.'' 
Now, look at the sentence above and the one below:
''It's okay I raped her because she was dressed a certain way.''
It's victim blaming both ways. Both sentences are fruit from the same tree.
Don't teach your girls to dress a certain way, teach the boys to control themselves. 

Third, it's insulting to both parties. It's insulting to girls because it's pinning somebody elses sin on them, and making them objects, not humans. It's insulting to the boys because it suggest they're not smart or strong enough to control themselves on their own. It's suggesting they're basically animals, not humans.

Fourth, a person can objectify you no matter what you're wearing. Booty shorts or a burka, it doesn't matter. So you might as well wear your 3.5 inch shorts, because it's pretty darn hot out. 


please leave a comment on your opinion, but be nice and respectful to everybody :)

22 June 2015


*awkward hello agains for the win*

Sorry I left you. But now that I'm mostly free of commitment {yay summer} I dearly hope we can get to know each other again. Let me introduce myself:

My name is Madeline, but I'm chill with Madi or Madz.

I'm fourteen and three months young.

My hair is currently long and brown/blond ombre, but I'm craving a short lavender pixie cut.

I adore makeup and books.

My current fav music is anything on the Christina Perri Pandora Radio, but always Ed Sheeren's X. 

I have a Christmas tree up in my room year round and I'm not ashamed.

Peach herbal tea is my jam and I'm rocking it. 

Summer is my favorite season but skinnies and oversize sweaters are always welcome.

I get all of my photos from pinterest unless they have my watermark. ;)

Leave a comment below; say hello and tell me about yourself! :)