30 June 2013

a change.

Yeah, I'm still your utterly British girl. I have my One Direction, Ed Sheeran and a Union Flag in me.

But I needed a change. Why? Because things change. And, so does my blog.
I wanted a change. Prehaps not a ''fresh start''; but a change for certain. So, here it is. Real. Something that means so many different things to me. :)

I haven't totally changed over to Real. from Instantly British, but I'm working on it.

So for now, love.

{~a totally British girl}

New Winner of NYC Metro Girl Giveaway

Hi everybody!

Since my email was not replied to I had to choose another winner. :(

The new winner is.....


Congratulations Mikaela! An email has been sent and if it is not replied to within two days another winner will be chosen. :)

28 June 2013

A Few Things...

..First of all, I know I said the Pinterest thing was going to be everyday. Haha. So, it will keep on going, but I just taking a break until this Saturday... ;)
Second, if you type ''Instantly British'' into Google, my blog pops up. :D {at least it does for me}. Go on, try it! Haha.
Third, since I have a pixie-cut, growing it out sorta gives you a mullet. Um, no thank you. Because of that I found some pictures of a growing out-pixie cut and I'm hopefully going to get it cut like that soon.


24 June 2013

The Winner

The winner of the NYC Metro Girl giveaway is...

Sarah Vincent!

I have sent Sarah an email. If she doesn't reply within two days another winner will be chosen. :)


19 June 2013

Muffins: Day Two

I actually made banana muffins today.
Yesterday, also, but who cares.

Day Two:




And yeah, I have a really small hair board so that's it. Again, if you want the links to any of the pictures comment and I'll try to find them for you. :)

post script: don't forget about this giveaway!!

18 June 2013

Muffins: Day One

I'm not actually posting about muffins, just so you know.
Rather, I didn't have a good name for it, so I just named it ''Muffins''.
But here's the basic of things: I'm going to be doing a little series where I go through some of my pinterest boards and blog about things that I've already pinned.
Why? Because honestly, we pin and we forget. I know there's so many great pins I want to remember, but I just can't--SO, I'm going through select pinterest boards of mine and choosing some of my favorite pins from those boards.

Day One:

''Style'' is basically my fashion board. I just have a weird name for it.







That's it for today! I honestly can't remember how I forgot about all of these lovelies. If you ever want a link to any pin on these posts comment and I'll try to find it for you. :)

post script: If you want to do something like this on your blog you're totally welcome to do so. Just leave me a link!

16 June 2013

NYC Metro Girl Giveaway

'Ello lovlies! {I'm making up words now.}
Minnie from NYC Metro Girl agreed to sponsor a giveaway! How lovely!

About NYC Metro Girl:

 Here's a little insight about who I am. I'm a graphic web designer that loves to do arts and crafts and decided to try making beauty products and loved it!

{from NYC Metro Girl profile}

I know some of you already bursting with excitement--but here's some fuel to add to that:
 NYC Metro Girl also offers two free samples per household every six months! No purchase necessary and free shipping! Free soap? Sign me up! ;)

Sugar Scrub - Lime in the Coconut 

Cupcake Soap - Creative Juice (Juicy) 

For this giveaway : one winner will receive 4 Pack Bath Salts & Powders and Cupcake Soap - Creative Juice {Juicy}!!

These prizes can only be shipped to winners within the U.S.A. That means only residents of the USA can enter!
Comment on what is your favorite item from NYC Metro Girl!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Alright loves! That's it and have fun! :D

15 June 2013

Summer Goals {Since My New Year's Goals Obviously Failed.}

Hey loves!
I know, I know, two things: no word of a giveaway. And, no more posts! Don't worry, I have both almost-ready for ya. But to keep you satisfied {and to make me remember} I'm going to post some goals that I have for the summer.
I like summer goals better because you have more time to achieve them, you usually have less goals and summer isn't quite as long as a year. I just realized that since I wrote it down, it does actually look like a good plan. I'll probably skip the New Year's goals for 2014 and have a summer goals again. :)

Summer Goals:

  • To read all my books on my little list thingy {Never mind. At least eight}. Some of those are: 
Milo 2.0


The Ranger's Apprentice Series

{Have any of you read Milo 2.0 or Cinders?}

  • Learn how to bake at least three lemon desserts {turns out, I have a thing for lemon everything. Who woulda thunk it?}
  • Always have a supply of cut watermelon on hand {because really, what other than salsa and chips scream summer? Watermelon.}
There's probably more but my tired little brain can't remember any more {I had a swim meet. I'll probably post about that later}. 

07 June 2013

It's not even Doughnut Day, it's NATIONAL Doughnut Day


I walked up to people today and practically shouted: ''Happy national Doughnut Day!''
Most of my greetings were returned with confused looks.
-Tsk-Tsk, World! You should know your own National Doughnut Days! ;)

What even IS National Doughnut Day?!

 Turns out, during World War I, women volunteers with the would fry up and hand out doughnuts as a form of comfort food to American GIs serving overseas. To honor these women's service and raise funds during the Great Depression, in 1938 the the Salvation Army's Chicago branch declared the first Friday in June to be National Doughnut Day. These "dough girls" or "dough lassies," as they were called, continued the tradition during World War II.
{from NPR}

Where can I get a free doughnut?
On National Doughnut Day, it has become a tradition to give out free doughnuts. At Dunkin' Donuts, a free doughnut will be given with a purchase of a drink. However, Krispy Kreme seems to be the better deal: a free donut {no purchase necessary}.

It's too late for some of you but at least you'll be better equipped for next NDD {and amaze your friends with your brainy history}! ;)

P.S. Picture from Pinterest

02 June 2013

That didn't take long....

Haha, thanks Sarah V. for being my seventieth follower! This probably means a giveaway, guys. ;)

Luckily, I do have one is store for y'all. Hopefully it'll be up today or tomorrow.