28 October 2014

Lavender Pixie Cut

All the yeses.

So I had a pixie cut once upon a time, and it was fab. {  It stinks growing it out though }

But I've been craving another one for a long time and I've been wanting a new hair color---

this cut:

this color:


What do you think? I'm hoping I can get it after Christmas. {I'm in the nutcracker, so no crazy hair until the show}


22 October 2014


I took your heart in my hand
and I crushed it until I was stained red.
In pieces it broke,
barely beating; still yearning to mend.
I watched you try to stitch it up again.


 I have the general ideas of my NaNoWriMo novel down, but I'm still trying to figure out what I really want the story to be like. I'm not sure if I've already told y'all a bit about my story, but the first 1-2 thirds of the book is going to be only poems. I'm going to be writing a lot of new poems, but I think I'm also going to use some from here. 
The main character of my story is going to be the one who ''wrote'' all the poems, and then at the end it'll change to a normal story format. 

I feel like this kinda restricts what I can write about though. The whole broken girl meets broken boy and together they mend plot is kinda being overused, and I don't want to write a story where the girl is saved by the boy. 
I'm thinking maybe what I'll do is the main character {who is a girl, btw} is manipulative and breaks this boy's heart. She feels guilty but she doesn't really ''know why''. So she writes the poems which take place over a period of time and then the story starts when the last poem is finished. The story will kinda be about her ''finding herself'' and changing and all the good moral stuff.

Okay, I'm excited. I think I just found my idea. :)

What are you writing about?

14 October 2014

The Moon

 Moons  http://www.nomad-chic.com/search/index.html?term=moon

The moon washed us in its silvery light,
making an unforgettable moment.
The world was empty except for us. 
Not a bird chirped nor a cricket sang;
The streets were empty 
but the sound of our hearts shook the world.


This is my NaNoWriMo username!* If you have one too I'd love to be friends. 
If you don't have a account or don't know what NNWM is, I'd really suggest doing it / learning about it! Even if you don't finish a novel in a month it's still really good to be getting that experience and improving your writing. Joining is free and it only takes five minutes, so there's really no excuse not to! :)

*My account is on the young writers program. There is an adult one, but I like the younger one better because I get to choose my word count; plus I'm not totally up for a 50,000 word novel yet. haha ;)

04 October 2014

Chapter Three | Kittens and Cupcakes Writing Challenge

Okay, so I have wifi now *dances* and I'm all ready to write!

I was challenged to write chapter three by the wonderful and beautiful Tane. Thank you so much! <3 <3
Stealing Tane's words: the idea is that a whole bunch of different bloggers work together to write one story - each of them writing and posting their own chapter. It's wonderful, isn't it?

Now that you know what's up, let's go on:


^ If you agree to do this challenge after being tagged, continue on to the next chapter of the story and tag all the previous chapters.

^ Write the chapter, incorporating the challenge words and situations.

^ If you aren't going to do it tag somebody else-- however, don't add your own challenge words/situations.

^ After writing your chapter, tag somebody else and add your own challenges.

^ Add the picture above to your post. {optional}

If you'd like to get caught up, read:

Tane's words for me are:

Galaxy | Friendly | Wild | Tears

And a situation:

An Accident


The galaxy is too small to hide my tears. Everybody must hear my wreaking sobs, the wild and uncontrollable things coming out of me. 
''It was an accident, it was an accident!'' The younger freshman was nearly crying also. ''Stay. Away. From Me,'' I hissed, flinging out my hand, which was now stained blue, at her. She flinched and her friends with the too friendly faces took a step back.
''You better run far, far away before I ruin you.'' I stood up and brushed the dust off my plaid skirt.
The freshmen took my good advice and bolted.
And then the sharks, also known as my popular friends, came to play.


I hope it has become clear to you that I should stick with poems. ;) Anyway, I challenge Bethan to do this. Everything she writes just blows my mind. Here are my challenges:



A note
Something concerning a treadmill

And there we go. Thanks again for tagging me Tane and have fun Bethan!