24 January 2015

Saying Goodbye

I've had this blog for little over three years.
I've made tons of great friends on it whom I won't forget.
But now it's time to say goodbye.


I've decided to have a fresh start and start a new blog. I hope that it'll be up by the start of Feb.
For In The Wind, it'll still be up, and anybody who wants to peek through the archives is very welcome.
I'd be glad if you'd like to follow me on my new blog, but for those who don't: thanks for the journey. It's been really great.

I'm looking for somebody to design my new blog. If you'd like to and have had expertise, please leave a link below to your design blog/page. I'm pretty much broke, so it's not likely I'll be choosing somebody who charges, but I'd still love to look through your work. :)

And I will leave a link as soon as it's finished just for anyone who wants to see it.

I'm terrible at saying goodbye, sooooooooo:

Thank you for putting a smile on my face every time you comment. Thank you for the sweet words. Thank you for following my little rambly-blog. Thank you, most of all, for being you. <3

The new blog's name:

A Beautiful Blur

19 January 2015

Reading Suggestions And My Favorites

**Before we go on: I have made a choice concerning wether or not to keep In The Wind! I'm announcing it on Thursday and all I can say is that I'm very excited for the future.**

These are a few of my favorite books and books I'd suggest for certain moods. I tried to add some books that are new and I loved. Read ahead, book warrior. ;)

Dark but not too dark:

You know when you're in the mood for something dark, but you don't want to be scared senseless? This book is the one for you.


Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor is breathtaking. Dark and romantic with angels and demons. There were a few things I didn't agree with {from a religious standpoint--you may have no problem}, but it was amazing still and at the last book I wasn't ready to end the series.

When you're feeling alone:

When you're seriously disappointed that fanboys are such a rare species, read this and you won't want one anymore. You've got a fictional boyfriend now. ;)

The Conspiracy of Us by Maggie Hall was just--- GAH. You know. It's a debut novel {??} that just came out this month; with a backdrop of Paris and Istanbul and a couple other fabulous countries it's bound to give you chills.
{Shatter Me is another great book if you're in this mood. It's just been read a lot so I decided not to add it}

Short and Sweet:

A book to read when you haven't got much time or when you're participating in a book challenge.


We Were Liars by e. lockhart gives you summer cravings and dreams of the beach. Around the 130 page mark it's the perfect book to read quickly. There were a few plotholes that will bother you once you're done, but it's not worth it just to skip this book.

A new Dystopian:

I know you're probably pluck-tired of YA dystopians and have read them all, but this is a new one you won't want to miss.

Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch is such a complex world. You don't know who to love and who to despise; but you do know something's terribly wrong.

*I had to set this book down a few times just to do slow breathing*

That's it for now! I sincerely hope you pick up a few of my suggestions. Tell me below which ones you've read and which ones you want to read. :)

*how I feel about all the books*

15 January 2015

The Moon

I mourn the moon as it slips from night to day,
say goodbye to my silvery friend
I turn my back on what is fading 
and welcome the sun,
hello bright friend
you speak of glorious new beginnings

I held the moon in my arms
the stars wept as they disappeared
''don't be afraid,''
my silvery friend whispered to me,
tears painting me liquid silver,
''often the sun brings brighter things.''


Happy Thursday! I couldn't decide which one to publish so here's my ramble-y thoughts, gathered into a poem about a moon. xx

13 January 2015

Into The Forest -- My Old Novel!

This isn't actually the start of chapter one because that was too gag worthy, so this is about the middle. Please enjoy this forever embarrassment of mine.

{If you don't know this is the story I wrote when I was about ten. I promise /hope I don't write like this anymore. Re-writing this is one of my New Years goals.}

Though I try to find Prissy, a familiar voice calls my name. ‘’Alissa!’’ it cries, over and over again. ‘’Percy!’’ I shriek. Old, proper Ms. Johnson, who doesn’t approve of my best friend being a boy, glares at me. ‘’Quiet down!’’ She says, and waves a wagging finger in both my and Percy’s directions. 
       ‘’I was looking all over for you,’’ Percy says, as if I was trying to run away from him. ‘’And I was looking all over for Prissy. Do you have any idea where she is?’’ I ask. ‘’Probably trailing the King’s and Prince’s carriages. Why?’’ I glare at Percy. Even though Prissy may not be the brightest or best sister, I can’t afford to let him tease her when she cannot defend herself. ‘’She’s not that low. Only the blonde girls do that.’’
       ‘’And maybe that’s why they are always chosen?’’ Percy snorts. Snorting isn’t becoming to anybody, but Percy’s sharp jaw makes it okay. 
       ‘’Oh, just don’t talk to me,’’ I moan, starting again on my journey to find Prissy. ‘’You know I don’t mean it,’’ Percy says, walking along with me. Being taller than me, he finds Prissy easily. ‘’Over there,’’ he points in Prissy’s direction. He’ll probably suppose it makes up for his teasing. Being Percy, one can just simply hug a girl and both she and Percy will believe there is no hate over his teasing. But all those girls are only aware of his ‘’dreamy’’ sharp jaw, short, fluffy brownish black hair, and brown eyes. I’ve known him for what seems to be forever, and couldn’t care less about what he looks like. 
*dies forever*

Even though this was terrible, I'm really excite to write it again. I absolutely loved and still do the plot. :D

{If you'd like me to post more from this, just comment!}

08 January 2015


His arms were warmth
and his eyes full of fire
but now his arms don't reach out to me anymore
and his eyes are too cold
all I see now is grey grey grey grey
the colour of his eyes.

05 January 2015

Things To Do When You Feel Sad/Insecure


* drink water
* take selfies you know that are stupid and ridiculous but they're fun
* take a shower
* text a bestfriend
* eat fruit
* pour your feelings onto paper
* listen to music
* clean something
* remember that you're beautiful and I think you're great


{ little things concerning the photo above: that photo isn't mine. Most are from pinterest and I have a disclaimer below that states that, but I like to post the reminder every now and then. Just so you know. :) Second off, when I saw it something in me stirred so I knew I had to write something about it, so it will be seen again. Little things not concerning the photo above: Until I make a decision concerning the blog regular posting times will be every Monday and Thursday. }