02 March 2012

No Entry For Today

Today's weather is no better than before. Rainy, rainy, rainy. I'll post my new hairstyle tomorrow. I (finally) have a *real* lamp, so I guess I could, but tomorrow would be a better day to take pictures with real sunlight (Have us people ever heard of such a amazingly bright thing?). In my area we had a flood warning on Wednesday. So it hasn't really cleared up. I redid my Doll's Room. Yes, just after I showed you it. ;o)
Since I have no new pictures to show you I'll show you a few of my favorite hairstyles I've done.
 I've noticed a few of my favorite hairstyles I've done has been on my beautiful Felicity doll.
 Top of Samantha's hairstyle. I think this is a awesome style for bangs. And real simple, too.
 Beautiful style. Doe's Felicity's ends look frizzy to you?
 Just a little different.
I LOVE this look. Love it.

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