30 September 2014


The sky holds millions of stars,
My heart is one of them.
It laughs and dances with the others, 
Never leaves their sides.
But when it falls,
It falls alone.


Y'all better appreciate me because I had to write this on my phone. ;) oh internet on computer, why don't you work?

29 September 2014


I haven't posted in ten days? Whhaaaaat? Just kidding. that's pretty usual for me.

look at all these photos. Much artsy. So filter.

NaNoWriMo is coming up, so that's exciting.

{I'm dead basically and I'm only posting to say hello. Hello. Sorry this is a stinky post. I'll write something fantastical soon and post it.}

I'm re-reading Shatter Me, WHICH IS AMAZING, but I'm going to need something else soon. Have any suggestions? Please oh please oh please leave them below.
Also, would anybody like me to do a review on the entire Shatter Me trilogy? I feel like I have a lot to say and I want to tell you just how much I despise Adam.

19 September 2014


We were hurting, but we were always okay.
The hurt made our hearts dull and worry waltz but we were always okay.
But then we weren't, and the pain never stopped.
It breathed with me; out in out in. 
It slept in the same bed as I, never touching but always there.
But then I could take a breath without it laboring me, 
Sleep without its watchful eyes.
The hurt didn't stop but it lessened and
we forgot sometimes.
But we were okay then, as we always will be. 
The waves of hurt only blinded me sometimes.

17 September 2014


Everything dies as he walks by, the tall stranger.
Spring's flowers wilt and the trees turn into spindly white things.
He walks soundlessly to the porch while I press my fingers to the window.
Frost is everywhere.
His breath is now on the other side of the glass pane, his hands mold mine.
Stippling cold races throughout the house.
His face is devoid of emotion, such an honestly cruel one.
He whispers the words I long to hear, the ones I loathe.
The glass shatters and his hands are on my throat and I
w a k e   u p

I'm pretty sure I had a dream like this one sometime. I was making my coffee and looking out the window when I remembered it.

If you've got the time, I'd love for you to comment how you felt when reading this. Were there pleasant ''oh that's creepy but I don't mind too much'' chills, or was it just ''meh''? It'll really help me improve. :)

11 September 2014


She was warmth on a stormy eve,
sweet promises on hot summer nights
He tried to catch her eye,
but she was shining too brightly.


Today's 9/11. Just remember to love somebody today and keep everybody in your prayers. <3

06 September 2014

Things I'm Grateful For

I was thinking today about everything I didn't have and I wanted. I had a long list-- a glittery Kate Spade phone case, some more makeup, a ton of books... and I had to tell myself several times before I believed it, I already have so much. Not only the basic things needed to live, but so many things I don't need but have for comfort and entertainment. 

{If this is word heavy skip to the list to get a read over}

The Basics:

I've got a house; it's beautiful and has happy yellow walls. I have a bed; it's ridiculously soft and cuddly. I have food to eat; not only the norms but things I like to eat. I have water; it's flavored. I have clothing; it's warm and fits me but not only that, it's pretty too. I have winter coats; I'll admit I actually have a lot more coats than I need because I love them so much. I have some pretty amazing family and friends who care for me and sacrifice so much. I have an education, and I'm getting one currently; but I'm home schooled, too. {Once again, I have an education... there are people in this world who don't have one and desperately want it, and I'm complaining about algebra}. I have medicine, not only that but it's readily available for me when I need it.

The Excess:

I have some pricey makeup; I don't have a lot of it but the ones I do I enjoy so much. I bought this pretty dress yesterday that I didn't need in the slightest. I have wants that I can entertain. I have a phone and Internet to go with it. I have a dog and two birds and I can feed them. I have junk. Junk means I had too much stuff in the first place and instead of complaining about it it should be an honor.  I have a library close by and I have a pretty dandy library card for it. I have many happy memories of buying orange tic-taks at the grocery store and visits to the library and jolly Christmas'; I can't think of many bad memories. I sorta mentioned this above, but I eat food for pleasure rather than to live, and that's a blessing. In America I can practice my religion freely; so many others are persecuted for it in other countries. I dance about nine hours a week, and that gets pricey but I have wonderful parents who support it and pay for it. I have a ton of books; I don't need any of them in the slightest but I have them so I can read them whenever I want. I don't like my body sometimes but I have to remember that it's pretty amazing just because it works. I can move it and it keeps my healthy, and technically I could create a small human with it {I'm not going to anytime soon though}. I have shoes not just because they protect my feet but because I enjoy them. I have some amazing followers who leave the nicest comments and make me feel warm and fuzzy inside {like a pumpkin spice latte}.

The Excess heavily outweighs The Basics and I could go on much longer about The Excess.

Things I'm grateful for that I want to stress:

  • Our bodies. It's something us humans complain about often and we forget the amazing things we can do with it.
  • My education
  • House, food, bed, warm clothing, and everything else I can name off carelessly.
  • My biggest worries are my pinkie toe's nail coming off {it freaks me out} and I can't even think of anything else because I'm blessed not to have many.
  • Junk. It means you have an excess amount of stuff {that is hidden under my bed *awkward cough*}
  • Freedom to choose my own religion and practice it.

This was rather rant heavy and maybe it was boring and you didn't care; but it helped me realize everything I have. You guys know I love you but I do this blog for me, not you guys. <3
Also, you probably know the rift but I wasn't bragging, and all those other things I don't need to say because you guys understand.

What are you grateful for?

04 September 2014

Music You Should Listen To

I'm not a die-hard music person but I still have my favorites and I definitely think you should listen to them. ;)

Cool Kids - Echosmith

 A Sky Full Of Stars - Coldplay


Don't - Ed Sheeran


That crazy british man.

What is your favorite songs?