28 April 2012

Ivy Tells the Rest

Ivy here again! My English is as good as gold...is that what you say here? I have decided to tell the rest of my story with my twin, McKenna, right beside me. Her notes will be in blue, while mine will be in pink.
A day after my mother died, my father decided it was time to move.
''But where is Ma? She wants to go, too,'' whined Mei. ''Ma can't come. She already went. She'll be waiting for you,'' my father soothed Mei. ''But I want her now!''
 Mei would not move until Ma came. ''I can't get her to budge,'' Papi worriedly told the farmer. ''We will take care of her,'' the farmer's wife said. Papi looked back at Mei. He sighed.
Mei was left behind. ''Ivy, you and I must make good time.'' I nodded. We didn't have anything to slow us down now. But we didn't have Mei or Ma. But Papi would come back for Mei. Of course he would; I told myself. We kept going for months; until Papi could go no longer. ''Papi! Papi, stay with me,'' I begged. ''Ivy, go back for Mei. Go to a orphanage. Take good care of her,'' and Papi talked no longer. I knew what I had to do. Get Mei. Get to an orphanage. It was Papi's last wish. I walked back for Mei a long long time. But it turned out the farmers were forced to move not long after Papi and I had left. I had no one left in the world. I stayed in the woods for a day longer, but I passed out from lack of food. I was found by a young women. ''Ekkkk!'' She screamed. She bent down to help me. My eyes rolled. ''Orphanage,'' I whispered. She seemed to understand, because the next time I woke up I was in a dark room. ''I think she's alright,'' declared a tawny hair-colored girl leaning over me.
That was me, wasn't it? I know it is. I remember it. I'll tell the story now, Ivy. So I leaned over her. Prissie was giggling over her almond shaped eyes. They were not normal in the States. But they were pretty. When Ivy woke up she seemed rather surprised to see me. ''Kenna?'' She asked. I laughed. ''So you remembered!'' I said. Earlier in the year my father had gone to China to be a missionary. He died later, so I went to a orphanage near my home. Ivy and I had been good friends for the while we had played together. ''Kenna,'' Ivy whispered to herself. Prissie giggled once more. ''She's not a sponge, is she?'' Prissie teasingly asked. ''Oh, be quiet Prissie. I'm surprised you even remember that,'' I sharply said. Prissie rolled her eyes. A month ago Prissie and I had decided there were two groups of people. Sponges and Not Sponges. Sponges were the really smart ones. They could remember anything you ever said; they sorta soak in your voice. Thus named Sponges. 
Ivy and I decided on being twins a year later. We had birthdays very close together, and we had nobody in the world to call our own. So then we had each other. 
And that's how we got here.
~McKennA and IvY

Yes, I am crazy

But haven't you noticed? ;o)
Life has been crazy. Yesterday I was Owl in Winnie-the-Pooh. It was horrible. I think people just said I did well because they felt sorry for me. But anyway, I went to a AG store today. It was fun. And guess who I brought with me when I went back home??!
 I know. I could be a fashion/home fashion-designer. :o)
 She's so pretty!
 Fish-tail braids!

 I like her outfit.
 I bought the McKenna Starter Set. I love this outfit, it was one of the reasons I bought it!

 Twins united at last. I got Ivy to post some more of her story (part 2) she's still working on it though.

 Katie and McKenna. Katie is a MAG 39 (?), and she doesn't look like McKenna.
McKenna has a whole different face mold. Her lips are slightly larger, pinker, and I think her hair/eyes may be different.
 what I bought within a month:
Ready to Fly!
I love Nature (clothing set)
AG Shirt
McKenna's Warm-up Set
McKenna's accessories
McKenna's other clothing thingy
See? This is why I'm crazy. :o)

26 April 2012

Beckie's Tea Party

Hi all, it's Beckie here! I decided to host a tea party...as there were only three seats, I decided to invite Molly and Ivy!
So why?
Because look above! My hair has been totally brushed out, and then curled again! Human will tell you how she did it.
 Madeline here, what I used:
Spry Bottle
towel (not shown)
Cover eyes and body of doll. Spry hair (a LOT, LOT, LOT, LOT!!!!) and then totally brush out any curls. It should be flat. When all tangles are out, take hair brush and curl hair around it. Leave in for a few seconds. Un-do and hair is in a spiral.
My Rebecca's doll hair was still silky, but a little frizzy. I would not suggest doing this, which is why I didn't give you pictures. Also when taken out it will be more like a spiral than a curl.
 But other than that, I like it. Also I would only use it as a last resort. (I can't guaranty anything)

With all that said and done, Beckie says, ''Tea?''

25 April 2012

Back to Your Normal Posting....

Yep, that's right! You can expect something about dolls this time! Dream. Dress. Play. (it's a blog) put out a free pattern for a doll-sized tote! I decided to try it, and guess what? It was not only easy and simple, but pretty, too! I did the Ruffle Tote, out of three totes I could of done.
 Ivy with the tote. I admit, I did make several mistakes, but it was out of my own clumsiness. :o)
 :p I need to clean my floor....
 Can you see the ruffles? They were pretty hard, but also the instructions (I went sorta free-style) were not the best for me. Others may have different arguments.
 It even has lining. Why don't I get bags this cool?!
 Close up.
 Even more. Looky at this! You can even see the stitches I did when sewing the ribbon down, because you turn it over so it won't show. How cool is this?!

 Ruffles. They were hard to make, but as I said, I did go a little free-style. Mind you I sewed this ALL by hand. My rating:
For hand stitching: Advanced.
For machine sewing: Beginner.
And then I just want to show you my fish-tail braid. I'm a braiding fashionista! I learned to do 3 different types of braids (fish-tail, Dutch side braid, and French braid) during the week! (I'm not showing my face, one, because my chin is still sorta blotchy from when I fell, two, because who doesn't love a red iPad case in front of your face?!)
P.S. Please vote for my writing entry by emailing Nora at nora.demington@gmail.com and saying, 'I vote for entry no. 6 (Princess Katie)'
Please and thank you! Oh, and if I win I'll have a you pick AG outfit, and then I'll buy it and make a post out of it! :o)

24 April 2012

He he....Just a funny post

I am filling this post with a random picture I found...which isn't mine. So, sneek a peek and laugh!

Love this. Poor dino!

21 April 2012

Rue's blog

Hi all!
Check out Rue Annie Fininck's blog! (It's also my blog...what?)

20 April 2012

I have a email!

Okay, I already had a email. But now I have a email for my blog.
What to use my email for:
Small messaging, ideas for post, guests posts, and sponsors.
What NOT to use my email for:
Games, spam, and for random things that do not fit my ideas of what you should send to me.
So, start sending ideas, and at some point, I may ask you to guest post/interview!
Oh yeah, I have to give you my email. Here it is: thedollworld@gmail.com

19 April 2012

Vote 4 me!

I entered into a writing contest at the The Doll Wardrobe!!! Please vote for me, my entry is PRINCESS KATIE (With help from Katie herself)!
How to vote for me....email Nora at nora.demington@gmail.com and say
'I vote for Princess Katie (Entry Number Six)'
So what if I win? I'll have a you-pick AG outfit, and let you decide which I'll buy, and then have the doll of your chose style it and post about it. Awesome!
P.S. You can't officially vote until April 22 2012, sorry for not posting about this earlier!

18 April 2012

Dolls Need Care, Too!

Hi, this is a guest post with....Felicity! Yay! We all know I'm your favorite, right? ;)

Anyway, this is a post about how to properly care for your doll's hair. We can't tell you when you brush too hard, so it's up to us to post it!
 Every doll needs to look her best, so.... no fly-aways! Brushing your dolls hair with a NEW tooth brush can take away those fly-aways!
Remember not to brush your doll's hair with your toothbrush...always get a new un-used tooth brush!
 Properly caring for your doll's hair can insure years of silky fun hair, that can be styled many times! Also, NEVER EVER EVER use your doll hairbrush on your own hair!!!! Your hair has oils (everybody's hair does) that can damage your doll's hair, possibly leading to baldness.

 A few ideas of what you should have to style and care for your doll's hair:
*Tooth brush
* AG Doll hairbrush
* Spry Bottle (not shown)
There are so many more ways to care for your dolls, other than just her hair! Try looking them up with parent's permission.

16 April 2012

AG Trip

I live near a American Girl Place;
I am also home schooled, and go to CO-OP. At CO-OP we have a AG class (I'm not in it, but I went anyway) and they decided, as for the closing trip, to go to the AG place!
 It was wonderful! For the times I've been, I've always felt I've been rushed; but today was different. We were aloud to wander a little (not far off). I took my time and enjoyed it tons! After a wait for about fifteen minutes, my group and I went for lunch. Lunch was amazing! We were at the very back, because we had such a big group (30-40 people estimated)! We took up two tables put together, one in-the-middle table, and a table at the side for the adults. After an appetizer of warm pretzel bits, melted cheese that tasted better than butter, and mustard, a salon stylest came over to our table. She showed us the basic care of doll hair, and then our wonderful lunch arrived. I ordered Tic-tac-toe Pizza. For circles were pepperoni, and X's small bits of green pepper. Lunch was served with water and pink lemonade.
After Lunch we were given goody-bags (as shown above) and then took a tour of the AG Place. Then, we wandered and shopped a bit more, and said good bye to friends.
 Duncan, my dog, came to investigate! You can see my toe and knee in this picture!
 He wanted a close-up :)
 Poster from the goody-bag.
 The Quiz Book. We were each given different books in our goody-bags.

 Total of what I got!
And Ivy with the bag!

Oh Really, Blogger?

Blogger updated it's website, and now I'm lost! Really, Blogger?
It'll take me FOREVER to find out how to do it now!!!!! :P

13 April 2012

Katniss Barbie

More update on Hunger Games--
Mattel is making a Katniss Barbie!

(Not my photo, and sorry for the black.)
I think she's sooo pretty! I think she's going to be released sometime in summer of fall...I'll update that later.
I can't wait till I can get her!