24 February 2012

40 days of Lent, 40 days of hairstyles. day 3

Today's model is Miss Kit! Kit's hair is hard to style, because of how short it is. I'll be showing you many cute ways you and your short haired doll can enjoy!
 While Felicity is taking a ''long-needed'' rest...
 ...Kit can't wait to take her turn!
Today's hairstyle is....
 This is what you'll need. a doll hairbrush (optional), 2 hair bands, any sort of decor for hair (optional).
 Put hair into two halves. Take one half.
 This is the tricky part! Take one hair band and put one side into opening ONCE. Do it a second time, but stop somewhat half way. Make sure it is secure. It should look like this.
 Take other half...
 ...and do the same thing. It is OKAY if it is not perfect!
If you messed up one side (like I did), you can take your hair decor and pin it to the side. This way, it doesn't show much. Kit's soooo happy to have her hair done!
I hoped you liked it, and if you have any ideas for more hairstyles just comment below!

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