06 May 2017

Jesus Feminist: A Review

(I don't think any of you care but I feel like I need to do that thing where I told you I bought this with my own money and these are my own unbiased thoughts and whatever)

Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey

From a technical point, Sarah Bessey is a great writer. Her words flow like a song and are very easy to read. I think it's important that when you're writing a book on something so controversial as this, you need to be articulate.

Now onto the part you probably want to hear about. The part where Jesus and feminism meet (gasp-- clutch pearls.)

Oh my goodness, I loved this book. Bessey's love for Jesus and humanity shines through so strongly. It has inspired me so much to be a vessel of love and Jesus' light.

It also has cleared up some of the bible for me. If you're a woman I'm sure you know the verse where Paul says he does not permit women to speak in the church (I believe it's 1st Corinthians 14:34). I don't know if you have, but I've struggled with that verse. But when I read that Bessey believes (I'm sure she also had sources, but I forgot to take notes) that Paul meant not to gossip and ask useless questions in church, it clicked for me.

We are told that women and men are equal, but in the world and even in the church that's not true. Bessey really encouraged me to fight for equality with love both in the world and the church. Stand up. Be brave and courageous.

There was also beautiful talk of embracing our differences as women. Some of us love to craft. Some ride motorcycles. Some women are called to stay home, some are meant to travel to desolate places or even just go to work. No matter what you do, it doesn't make you less of a woman. Love your fellow creatures and love Jesus.

I love this book so much. I want to recommend it to everybody, male or female. So, hey. Hey, YOU! You, who's reading this. Please read this book. It's about $2 on Kindle, or get it from the library, or go for a personal physical copy if that's more your thing. Just read it, please. Even if you think you might not agree with everything, just try.

These are my thoughts for today. (also I missed you guys)


09 April 2016

What I've Been Loving Recently

*please bare with me as I ease back into blogging. I'll try to take some pictures soon to make my posts more interesting :3*

Madeline's tiny list of things that have been making her happy lately:

  • the Hamilton the musical soundtrack (its on youtube, check it out). I just love it so much. The songs are beautiful, creative, and witty, but the lovely people who sing them bring them to life. 
  • the opi nailpolish color I cannoli wear opi. It's the perfect light grey and it's been staying on my nails beautifully, which is nice because I'm a lazy sloth. 
  • writing my thoughts down. I feel weird calling the notebook I write my thoughts down in a 'journal,' and besides I'm including blogging in this pinpoint. But anyway it relieves stress, it helps me think issues out better, and it's insuring I'll be able to remember how I feel about whatever now, when I look back at it years from now. I wish I was doing this a year ago.
  • trusting in the Lord. Because, gahhhhhh, it's not always easy. There are so many times when my future looks so uncertain, or I'm worried about friends and people. It's such a comfort to remember it's not in my hands, it's in my heavenly Father's.
-My thoughts today

random tidbit of song I heard while I was writing this:
'it was beautifully depressing, like a streetcar named Desire'

06 April 2016

Thoughts on Maturity

Maturity is the ability to realize while somebody may be a great, outstanding person, they can still be a terrible friend.
Maturity is the ability to let something go, to move on without bitterness in your heart.
Maturity is praying for your enemies, and for your own heart towards them.
Maturity is not praying for the downfall of others, but that they will be lifted towards Him.
Maturity is thinking before you answer sharply.
Maturity is knowing others aren't perfect, and you aren't either, but everybody's doing the best they can.
Maturity is knowing everything is a choice, and others can't be blamed for choices somebody else made.
Maturity is forgiveness.
Maturity is love.
Maturity does not have to be solemn and straight faced. Maturity can be fun, joyful, and full of wonder. And it should be so.

-M's thoughts on Maturity

{I love to hear y'alls thoughts and experiences, please feel free to leave them below!}

04 April 2016

Thoughts on Salad and Loving Yourself

For a long time, salad was a form of punishment for myself. ''You're eating salad for lunch because you need to lose weight and clear your skin,'' I told myself as I reluctantly ate salad without dressing (or croutons, or cheese--basically lettuce. ew madeline why). 
It's taken a while, but through adventures and mistakes I've realized how wrong that mindset is. I've started caring about my health again and eating better than I have been, but my mindset is totally different. 
''You're eating salad because it's good for your body and you love yourself,'' I've been telling myself. And you know what? I've been eating caesar salad with as many croutons and as much cheese as I want. And I love it.
I love knowing I'm feeding my body what will make it strong for years to come. I eat lettuce and spinach because I love myself, but in the same meal I also eat dressing and croutons and cheese because I love myself. 
This mindset extends from just my lunch. I eat chocolate and sugar because I love myself and I want to treat myself. But at the same time, I don't eat too much of it because I love myself. 
When I eat, my mindset is a loving one. And I hope and pray yours is too. In this world, loving yourself is so important. It's a journey, and it's not achieved over night. Heck, I know my journey is far from done. But please join this loving journey with me. 

-Madeline's thoughts over lunch 

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25 August 2015

My Everything

You're the poison under my tongue
The toxic in my bones
The shards of glass under my feet
The bruises littering my soul
The sharks surrounding me
The worst nightmares
You're my everything


yaaayyy more angsty teenage poetry :}


22 July 2015

A Peek Through my Sketchbook

I think an artist is someone who can make people feel emotional by experiencing their work {not necessarily art}. Any sort of emotion, it's all relative. Being an artist is certainly one of the best things to be. 

A Peek Through my Sketchbook:
{all drawings by yours truly}

coffee stains are the bane of my existence



she's missing an eye... don't question it







And there you have it! If a couple of these look familiar, I get all of my inspiration from Pinterest. Duplication is one of the best ways to learn. :)


11 July 2015


There are stars in my eyes
and galaxies in my mind
Wires in my bones
and feathers in my brain
Lies in my mouth
and mold in my heart