27 March 2013

I don't want to be productive.

I don't want to be productive,
I want to eat Nutella and browse Pinterest all day,
I don't want to take pictures of interesting things to post to you about,
I want to sleep and eat and browse Pinterest all at the same time, 

I don't want to see people tomorrow,
So now I'm just going to go cry and eat Nutella and wish today would never end. 

{This is my weird little poem. Because, DUDE. I'm going to have to do STUFF tomorrow.}
{Also, I have nothing against people. I'm just a little Haymitch-y.}
{AND I actually do have some interesting things to post about. So let's just dance to some 80's song and eat Nutella.} 


24 March 2013

You Probably Knew This Post was Coming.

You probably did, you smartie.

I'm on Bloglovin' now.

You can follow my blog via Bloglovin' {there's a gadget on the left sidebar}, and if you followed me before but no longer wish to, happy birthday! Wish granted. ;)

Anyway, some info for those who know not what Bloglovin' is. Google Reader {and supposedly GFC} is closing, so you can read blogs on Bloglovin' now. It will also import the blogs that you followed before using Google Reader or GFC.
If you don't have one, I would suggest getting one. A whole lot of bloggers are using it now, and they follow blogs with it, so it's just good to have one. Yeah. Yeah. Yeaaaahhhhhhhh. :O

13 March 2013

Book Review Suggestions


I'm sick right now and have no creative blogging inspirations, but I've been wondering....

Does anybody have any books they want me to review? I'm not saying that I will review it, but I will certainly check it out online and consider it. :)


09 March 2013


A while back, I got glasses. :)
This was actually about in September of 2012, but I've just been lazy and have never posted about it.

They are only reading glasses, but I still like them. They also help my eye-sight A-LOT.  No, they are not lop-sided. Apparently my face is. ;)


<post script: do you have glasses? Do you like your glasses?>

04 March 2013

Creativity is a lovely thing

Guess what?!
The juices came back! {Oh dear, I hope you read my previous post...} {in case you didn't, my apple juices ran away {I really thing they did...} ;) } 
And.... I re-designed my blog! If you were wondering about ''Lilica James'' { pronounced like lie-LIC-a} I just like how it sounds. And no, I've never meet somebody by the name, or have seen anybody with that name {well, I could have. I don't typically ask strangers their names.}.

I tried to show you the pictures of my hair cut but the computer couldn't download them. :p I have a bunch of photos I've never posted, though, so never fear!

Later Gator.

P.S. Ahhh.... the juices! My brain is dripping wet with creativity! WAA-HAA-HAA!

01 March 2013

{Oh, Look! A English Muffin Eating Monkey!}

{And I've been telling myself the creativity was sucked out of my brain...}

Okay. As blogging-failure {part-time}, I've decided to suddenly tell you that I am alive and dump this on you:

I got a pixie-cut! It was shoulder-length before, and I'll post pictures probably tomorrow or so.

I have some special things planned for y'all {I promise I haven't been totally in-active while I haven't been blogging....}

{I think it's snowing... no, this wasn't one of the important things, but I just noticed a snowflake. I'm still flushing an ice cube down the toilet, however}

My birthday is coming up soon!

And.... ya. I have plenty of mental blog posts ready for y'all, I just haven't had time to take pictures. {Yes, pictures! How exciting! I haven't taken/posted pictures in two months and eighty one days {not to be exact.}}

I think that's it. My dry brain is begging for juice {it actually hurts--I need to write more} so I better go and watch another Psych {recently found.... I'm watching the episodes on Netflix}