31 March 2012

8 dolls & Counting

Yes, another doll came to join me today! Who you ask? A favorite of mine, a best friend, though I don't own the other doll.
 She's sorta just a quiet, keep-to-herself sort of doll. But when she finds out more about the other dolls, she'll blossom.
 She admits, ''I miss China, and most of all I miss my family.''
 She also said, ''These lace curtains remind me of my cousin Mei's wedding. It was beautiful.''
''But I'm glad to be here, and grateful.''
Me too, Ivy. I'm so glad I got her! Though her ''meet'' outfit is sorta queer, she's wonderful.
~Madeline & Ivy~

29 March 2012


Hi this is Felicity!
I'm going to dine soon at the AG cafe, and as that is always a treat, I thought I'd dress up! Just one problem...I don't know what to wear! I'm going to show you two choices, and then you can choose on the poll bar to the right. Here are the options you can choose: #1 (pink dress), #2 (blue dress), or neither. Here we go!
 #1 (pink dress)
#2 (blue dress)
What do you think? I'll change my hair and add shoes for the dress you choose. Thanks!

27 March 2012


Today (A.K.A Yesterday) I walked into my room and found Katie pretending to be Skye Penderwick from the series The Penderwicks. I decided to have her pose with the second book and took some pictures. Enjoy!

 (Katie recommends doll-sized books for all dolls)

I hope you liked them! :o)

26 March 2012

In Honor of my 50th Post....

I have decided to show you some more of Katie's ''Trip-around-the-World'' classes! By now some of the other girls have joined...Kanani and Rebecca. And you never know...you may learn something too!
Trip Around the World class: Hawaii
''Hello girls!'' Cheerfully said the Trip Around The World teacher, Miss Susan. ''Hello Miss Susan,'' answered all the girls. ''Today we are learning about Hawaii,'' said Miss Susan. ''Are we going to eat shark?'' Lilly asked. Miss Susan laughed. ''Maybe another time, Lilly,'' she said. ''But,'' she added, ''I did bring a shaved ice machine. Unlike snow cones, shaved ice is more powdery. I have three flavors, Cherry, Root beer, and Lime, after class I will hand them out.''
Miss Susan reached in her yellow tote for the U.S.A. map. She took a ruler from somewhere else in her bag and pointed to Hawaii. ''Can anybody tell me what is the capital of Hawaii?'' Miss Susan asked. There were lots of answers, ''I know! I know!''; and only one girl silently raised her hand. ''Kanani, as you seem to not be screaming, you may answer,'' Miss Susan said. Kanani answered, her face rather pale with worry. Am I right? She wondered. ''Correct!'' Miss Susan announced. Kanani sighed with relief. ''Allright girls, please right this down on your note pads;'' Miss Susan wrote on the black-board. Molly wrote down,
Hawaii is not touching America, because it, also like Alaska, is in the ocean. Many people travel to Hawaii for celebrations, because it is known for wonderful surfing as well as food. Hawaii goes by island time. Common items in Hawaii:
Sunscreen, surfboards, swimsuits, water, shaved ice, swimming lessons shacks, and more.

''Very good, girls. Remember, I'll quiz you on some of these!" Miss Susan said.


23 March 2012

I fell.... :P

This doesn't have any to do with AG. I just thought it was sorta interesting. I fell while riding my bike. I fell on my face. FACE-DUMP!! I badly scraped my chin, cheek, both knees, and left wrist. It's hard to type, but I'm managing. (I'm laughing at something my little brother said...it hurts!) I was trying to laugh but badly failing when my neighbors saw me.... they were freaked! It didn't really hurt at all but it was just numb. I made my mom take a picture of me to show you.
Are you ready? I looked earlier like a troll (ever seen Ella Enchanted?) who had just had the best lunch of her life.

Oh yeah, be scared. I'm hungry, too. :)
Nobody who sees in the few couple days won't mess with me! (P.S. My lip is swollen.) I really have more blood than shown.
I might post after pictures... I'm in my ''hurt'' mode not my super awesome mode.

*Trying to Have a ''Normal'' Post*/News Flash

Um, not working. My blog will never be normal, and I'm proud of that. :)
So, this week has been sorta crazy, though without school. But back to the doll stuff.
McKenna's most important stuff are all back-ordered for at least two or three months. AG didn't do such a great job of estimating how many people would really love her. Great job, AG.
~Tyson's Corner American Girl Place~
The AG Place at Tyson's is the closest to me. I saw on a doll lover's website that Tyson's has limited buyers to only three McKenna items. Wow. Just great. I was planning to buy a lot of McKenna items in the up-coming May/slightly later. I think I may be buying her stuff in different orders or just totally choosing another doll. Sorta disappointing. I think McKenna's hair looks awesome to style. Since I didn't get a lot of Kanani's stuff that I wanted I had decided to buy ALL of McKenna's stuff.
Has the store closest to you limited McKenna's stuff, too? Tell me all about it in  comment and I may post it on my blog!

22 March 2012


My first ever post. No, I'm not Madeline. I'm Kanani!
See? That super duper awesome person right there is me. Anyway...I've been seeing a poster of a new doll in Madeline's room. Here name is...uhh....lemme think...oh yes! McKenna! Pretty name, right? She's also really pretty. She's the GOTY of 2012 Island. You see, all of the AG GOTY's have their own island. I own the 2011 Island. I've only ever seen blurry pictures of it, because nobody has really ever been to any of the islands. We'll go to explore only once we are forgotten by most people, even the people who own us (by then we might be in the attic, getting dusty!).
I have to do homework. :o9 (If your awesome try to lick your nose!)

20 March 2012

The life time of the dead.....My Book

Weird and slightly spooky book title, (hopefully) not spooky at all. Read ahead, and feel free to stop at any time.
by: Madeline
Chapter thingy one: (*may be title later*)
 ''You tell him.''
''No, I won't. You do it.''
''Decide quickly. He's coming, and he'll be here any second now,'' came a different voice. ''Fine, I'll do it, but don't blame me if he bursts into tears,'' said the golden blonde. ''He won't. I'm sure of that. He'll just be...slightly... upset,'' said Kanani, the girl with the tropical look. ''Who?'' Asked a boy standing in the corner. ''Jake!''
''Jake?'' Asked Katie. ''Katie!'' The boy cried.
 Katie turned to Kanani. ''You didn't say he was Jake!'' She screamed. ''I didn't know, honestly!'' Kanani cried. ''You!'' Katie turned to the true blonde. ''You knew all along. You even wanted me to tell him!''
 ''I can't. I won't. Kanani, you do it,'' Katie said and turned away.
''Great, Kit,'' came a grumble from somebody else in the crowd. ''Really, Kit?'' Asked a girl with green eyes.
 ''Look me in the eyes, Jake,'' Kanani ordered. Kanani's voice stumbled.
 ''It seems none of you can tell him. Jake, I lived in the 1500's. My family and I were traveling on the Oregon Trail when I was struck sick with chicken-pox. I died,'' Kit explained.
''Okay,...wait...you died? YOU DIED?!'' Jake was horror-struck.
''I died. We all died. Katie died. You died.''
 Jake looked at all the dead girls around him, most from a different time period.
 ''I'm sorry Jake.'' Katie walked out of the shadows. ''It shouldn't of been so early.''

What do you think? Is it horrible, is it okay, what? I'm thinking of writing more of the story and posting it on the blog every so often.
But anyway, look at this b-day cake! It was made for ME! I was with friends celebrating my birthday (early). I will be eleven! (I never thought I'd ever have any followers when I first got my blog. Thank you!)

18 March 2012

My Historical Character

Sky McWilliams
She lives in....
Her Story....
Sky McWilliams is an average girl. She's normal, and even popular, in the state of New York. But that changes when she moves to VA. Sky doesn't know anybody, nobody cares to know her, and she lost her house in a fire. How will things ever become normal again for Sky? 
Book TWO:
When Sky's birthday comes up, she has decided nobody cares. Nobody can even remember her birthday. There's no house to celebrate in, no presents, and her family is always out looking for a job. But when Sky enters her friend's house, her life changes again. For the better? 

Prilla, this is my entry for your contest!!! BTW, I cut out paper and put them together. :)

17 March 2012

First Ever *real* Photo-story!

Kit's Merry Surprise:
''None of my dance friends wore green today when I went for my lessons,'' sighed Kit.
 Kit sat down to eat her snack, a green apple.
 ''Kit,'' said a voice. Kit was so scared she dropped her apple!
 ''Oh, it's just you,'' Kit said, with a sigh of relief.
 ''None of my friends, other than you, wore green today!'' Kit exclaimed.
 ''Are you sure?'' Katie asked.
 ''Come,'' she whispered.
 ''SURPRISE!'' All of Kit's friends screamed.
Kit's friends hadn't worn green, but the surprise was just as good. ''Thanks, Katie,'' Kit said and they hugged.
How do you like my first ever photo-story?!
 Kit as.... herself
Katie as....herself and party friend
Samantha as....Party friend
Molly as......Party friend
Rebecca as...Party friend
Kanani as.... Party friend

14 March 2012

Screen Names

I've decided. Lots of girls have the AG dolls Samantha, Rebecca, ect. The only really 'mine'  thing about my dolls are that they are mine. No difference other than that. So now they'll have screen names. I'm hoping that will make them more of ''my'' dolls.
 Posy, yes I do like this name, often only given as a screen name. Oh, my beautiful red haired Posy.
 Di also known as Diana.
 Rilla. I love this picture!
 Isilee sunning herself.
 Kat. I know you think of cats, but instead, think of Kat.
Amy was left asleep in the basket I toted them around in.
~Madeline~ With help of Posy, Emily, Di, Rilla, Isilee, and Amy.
PS. No dolls were harmed in the making of these photos (A.K.A. None of them fell to their death below.)

11 March 2012

A Photo-Story Mix-Up

This is what I'll do. I'll post a photo story using pictures I've already taken.
Are you ready?

 Kit was just walking in the family office when The Mini was wildly dog-back riding.
 ''Hey, The Mini!" Kit screamed. The Mini couldn't hear her. Kit got up on a chair so The Mini would hear her.
Meanwhile Felicity was just reading a book. :)

Can you do this? I dare you!

09 March 2012

My wish-list for AG

I have around $140 which I am saving for a big trip to AG. (I don't feel like counting my money right now, sorry.) I want to show you my wish-list! I plan on going there at the end of May, so I likely won't get all I want.
Addy Doll, Book & Accessories

Addy's Birthday Outfit

McKenna's Starter Collection

McKenna's Loft Bed

McKenna's Cast & Crutches

McKenna's Fancy Outfit

McKenna's Dog

McKenna's Pajamas

I think all of these are really cute! I also want to get all of McKenna's Collection, and maybe an extra piece or two. Why? Because I want to sell it for slightly more than I bought it when McKenna retires. If I get more than I payed for, I might try buying an extra Doll Of The Year for 2013!