29 February 2012

Sky and Isilee and....Abby?

If I could have two...or three! more Just-Like-Me dolls I would choose.....Find out below! I'll write what I'd name them, what their characteristics would be like, and what books they'd have if they were a GOTY!

Isi (Short for Isilee) Kinths.
Her Characteristics..
Strong-willed, Playful, ''Sporty'', Stubborn.
Her first book if she was a GOTY...
Isilee Kinths just moved to Montana, Billings. There she faces the challenges of making new friends, the popular girls, and...Her new talent? Everybody finds out Isi has the amazing talent to make somebody else sing without them singing. But the popular girls take that to advantage when the school talent sing comes up. Will Isi let them force her to sing for them or will she stand up for herself? Find out in Isilee!


Sky McWilliams
Her Characteristics...
Friendly, Playful, likes to swim, Simply Charming.
Her first book if she was a GOTY...
Sky McWilliams is simply charming, and everybody agrees. Sky was born popular. But was that a mistake when she loses her true friends? Sky can't keep up with her best friends when her admires start asking to hang out. Too soft-hearted to say no, Sky doesn't have time for her best friends. But will she when her friend sends her the text message ''Sky, I feel like you don't have time for me anymore. I know it might not be true, but talk to me again when you can get away from your admires,''? Find out in Sky!


Abby Flamingo
Her Characteristics....
Girly, Fun-to-be around with, Friendly, Playful, Funny, Smart.
Her first book if she was a GOTY...
Abby Flamingo is the funnest girl in the school. She can make a big mistake turn into something funny! But is it still funny when she hurts her friend's feelings, and makes a big joke out of her? Abbey was only trying to be funny, but her friend doesn't feel that way. Find out in Abby!

How do you like them? I decided to do two posts today because I can't do a hairstyle today.
All photos are from AG

Rain...Why not snow?

If it would snow as much as it is raining here, we would have tons of snow! Today would be day 8 of 40 days of Lent 40 of hairstyles, but I could only take a video before the Camera App crashed on my Mom's iPad. So, this is my doll room.
Sorry for the lighting and the voice. My voice doesn't sound so weird.

28 February 2012

40 days of Lent, 40 days of hairstyles. day 7

Okay. Now it really has been a week! I'm going to be running out of ideas soon!
I decided to do my style on Rebecca. Rebecca's hair isn't truly frizzy, it only has a small layer of frizz. I also need to find a way to curl her hair. :)
Today's hairstyle is....
Here are the pics....
 Rebecca wasn't in the mood to smile at the camera, so she just sat down.
 This is really all you'll need.
 Pull into high ponytail.
I was using a Ipad. Don't blame me, blame the buyer. :) That's a tour of awesomeness, right there.
P.S. Tomorrow or So I want to show you my ''doll salon''. I love it! Also this style could slightly uncurl your doll's hair if it's really curly.

27 February 2012

40 days of Lent, 40 days of hairstyles. day 6

Is it really day six? Has it really been that long? Today Samantha wanted a turn. I decided to let her, because sometimes I think I don't play with my dolls who have frizzy hair as much as the ones with nice hair. :o) Felicity was begging for a turn to....style Samantha's hair! As the ''newest doll'', I couldn't say no!
Today's Style:
TOP BRAID! (If you can help me come up with better names please comment!)
P.S. I'm doing a new thing called Find the Mini! it's where you look for a mini AG doll. Since it didn't come out as bright as I had hoped I'll give you a hint...It's in the first picture, somewhere in the bunk bed.
 Here is Felicity, waiting for a turn to style. As you can see, she's too bored to smile. ;o)
 Then Samantha walks in! I decided to let Felicity try to style on Samantha.
 Samantha sits down, and the fun begins!
 This is what you'll need.  Either a large or small bobby pin (small is better), and a hair brush.
 Take three sections of hair.
 And braid, the small bobby pin is only their to help it not to come out.
 Pull braid over to other side. Felicity had a little trouble, so she had to lean!
 Put bobby pin in.
 Try to hide it with hair.
 And ta-da! Look at Samantha!
This is the top, sorry for the bad pictures, but I don't edit mine. :(
P.S. I'm thinking about cutting the ends of Sam's hair. What do you think?

26 February 2012

Okay....I lied...

It turns out I do have time to go on today. Sorry. I need to figure out how to post profiles of my dolls.
Remember to enter for McKenna Books and 2 ''Meet'' McKenna books at http://www.onesavvymom.net/2012/01/american-girl-place-nyc-absolutely.html !

25 February 2012


The mom at http://www.onesavvymom.net/2012/01/american-girl-place-nyc-absolutely.html had to share the joy her daughter found in AG, so decided to giveaway THE DOLL MCKENNA AND 2 ''MEET'' MCKENNA BOOKS!!!! What if I won? What if you won?

40 days of Lent, 40 days of hairstyles. day 4& 5

 I'm doing Sunday early because I won't be on Sunday. ;o) Madeline's Hair Salon is now so popular all the dolls had to try! Here is them waiting in line!
 Katie was waiting right next to the chair. When I saw her, I said, ''Katie you dear! Yes I'll do your hair! So sit right down!''
And today's hair style is....
 Take a small part in the front of your dolls hair...
 ...and braid. To make it look cooler braid away from her face. Use a bobby-pin at the end. :o)
 Do the same with the other side. Put the other braid in with braid #1 (in the bobby-pin).
 Pull hair up into high pony tail.
 And whoa! it's bee-u-t-ful!
 This is what the top looks like; awesome for the first day of school, right?!
 This one is for Sunday. Katie loved her first do, so now she came back for another one!
Tomorrow's style....
 This is what you'll need. You also need this for the style up. :)
 Put dolls hair into a ponytail.
 Take half way, and put in bobby-pin right where my thumb is. (My hands don't really look that weird, it's just the sun and the camera, right?)
 This is what it'll look like. I think it's kinda cool.
Beautiful Katie! Rockin' with her style!

24 February 2012

40 days of Lent, 40 days of hairstyles. day 3

Today's model is Miss Kit! Kit's hair is hard to style, because of how short it is. I'll be showing you many cute ways you and your short haired doll can enjoy!
 While Felicity is taking a ''long-needed'' rest...
 ...Kit can't wait to take her turn!
Today's hairstyle is....
 This is what you'll need. a doll hairbrush (optional), 2 hair bands, any sort of decor for hair (optional).
 Put hair into two halves. Take one half.
 This is the tricky part! Take one hair band and put one side into opening ONCE. Do it a second time, but stop somewhat half way. Make sure it is secure. It should look like this.
 Take other half...
 ...and do the same thing. It is OKAY if it is not perfect!
If you messed up one side (like I did), you can take your hair decor and pin it to the side. This way, it doesn't show much. Kit's soooo happy to have her hair done!
I hoped you liked it, and if you have any ideas for more hairstyles just comment below!

23 February 2012

40 days of Lent, 40 days of hairstyles. day 1 & 2

Sooo... The title says a lot. I'll be showing you step-by-step instructions on how to do pretty hairstyles on your doll! And yes, that means I figured out how to upload pictures! Yay me!!! I've decided to do it on dolls with different hairstyles (cuts, a.k.a. short, curly, layered, long, hair) , so if you have Kit you won't be disappointed!(The first hairstyle though is for dolls with long hair.)
Yesterday's hairstyle....
Yes, this is ''new'' Felicity with her head! She'll be my model for today, say ''Hi,'' Felicity!
This is what you'll need. A doll hair brush (optional), 2 hairbands, and 1 small clip (like the one shown.).

Gather your doll's hair in low pony-tail.
Pull into to two halves, like shown (the marker is only to show you to do like so).
 Flip pony tail inside opening. It should look like this. (Tighten it by pulling hair band gently up.)
 Then braid. For better results, once braided brush ends. (Like I should of done, ha ha!)
 Felicity loves her hairstyle! I bet you're doll would, too! (It doesn't matter if she's an AG doll or not, just as long as she has long hair!)
Today's hairstyle.....
(You know, I'm making up my own names, right? Ha ha!!)
First of all, this is a hairstyle for dolls with long hair. Second, do  the same thing as before in the hairstyle up.
 Take the braid and push it up into the opening. There should be still a small opening.
 This is a backside view of it. You need to be able to see hair, so you know where to clip.
 Clip hair. Make sure you clip in middle, and make sure it is attached to her wig.
Beautiful Felicity! Thanks Felicity for helping!
So, there it is! Please comment if you like it!
~Madeline (with help of Felicity)
P.S. I own every single picture! Yay!!!

21 February 2012

My Magical Pet

 Yes, another post for Hermione Potter. I just love writing. :o) I feel that if I don't talk about any dolls, it's kinda getting out of my focus. So I'll add some doll!

As I flung my Saxon Math across the floor I thought, whoever made Saxon Math... but right then, to my delight, Humphrey, my fire-spitting half dragon half porky-pine pet set fire to my math. Opps. I was badly tempted to say, ''Good boy!'' but I didn't. I wasn't that childish...no, I was worse. ''You cute little fire spitting pet, I love you soooo much! Very good boy!'' Humphrey trotted back to me, overly pleased with himself. I rubbed him, and remembered the first day I had got him...
He was as big as my hand. I had put him on my floor to see what he would do. I was excited when he had stumbled to my American Girl dolls, and had started licking Kit. He was so cute then, even cuter than now! But the licking stopped, and the fire came. ''NO, NO, STOP IT NOW, HUMPHREY!!!''I had shouted. Kit's beautiful hair was burning! I won't go on, because that's (hopefully) is past.

Humphrey doesn't often set fire on things now. I made SURE he understood not to set fire to things anymore when my mother's famous 80's china plate went up in flames. That had been BAD! Humphrey still didn't understand. My bed sheet was on fire, right before my eyes. I sighed. Horror. Now Humphrey should understand, because he doesn't like the sock-puppets. My way of punishment. 

Now, two years later, Humphrey no longer sets stuff on fire, and he has his own family! Three super baby pets are his! Magical pets are hard to take care of, but boy, are they cute!
P.S. Please comment, everybody, on how you like the design of my blog currently. I'm still changing it up a little, and I want to get a photo for my title. Thanks! ;)


It has been agreed.... I need to start posting my own pictures. I've been using pictures off of Google... Once I can figure out how, I promise, I will! The tricky part is uploading the photos.... (hmm....I wonder how you do that???)

20 February 2012


I want to make my blog awesome(er) so I'm changing it up a little bit. You might find that it looks different, or it says different stuff under the title, but soon I should finish!

Retiring? News Flash!

It's for certain that a new American Girl Doll will be coming out in 2012! But when one comes, one (normally) retires. Do you think a doll will retire? If one does, I bet it'll be...

Molly and Emily. Why, you ask? Because a long time ago, Pleasant Company released 3 dolls. Their names were...Kristen, Samantha, and Molly. Since Samantha and Kirsten are already retired, Molly should be getting retired soon, too.
But...Wait a second, Cecile and Marie-Grace came. No other dolls retired when they came. This, I don't know why. Perhaps American Girl wants a big BANG! and will retire three dolls instead of one. Since they normally don't count ''best friends'' as the doll that's retiring, maybe Kaya, Molly, and Addy will retire. I hope not!
This News Flash was brought to you by:
P.S. I don't own this picture.