14 February 2012

This Post is for...

This post is for Hermione Potter. This is my story contest entry!!
As I walked through the great Hallway I thought about Hogwarts. The old transfigure teacher, but now the Headmaster, had changed me from my doll form to a real live walking student. I passed a mirror, but then stepped back a step or two. I hadn't known my eyes were a ''piercing'' blue, or I had redish hair. I looked at myself for another minute, then tore myself away from the mirror. No time to lag. As I pushed open the giant doors to the Great Hall. First I stared at the mouthwatering food, then the students, and then Ms. McGonagall. ''Um...Hello, Ms. McGonagall,'' I said, hoping that was her name. The students at the Slytherin table snickered loudly enough for the table sited to the left of them. Ms. McGonagall took no notice of the laughing Slytherins. ''Katie Williams, here we call teachers ''professer''. I am Professor McGonagall to you,'' Ms., no, Professor McGonagall, told me. ''Katie will be a student for the day. Katie, go the Gryffindors for today. And I'm sure EVERYBODY will be kind to Katie!'' Professor McGonagall almost screamed as to be louder than the Slytherins. I hurried to get out of the ''spotlight''. ''Hello, I'm Lulu,'' a girl sitting next to me told me. Everybody started telling me their names, and I'm proud to say I can name everybody now. I tried to listen to everybody while eating the mouthwatering food. Some girl was talking about her pet, Arnold. Oddly enough, the plates of food kept refilling themselves, so I could eat as long as I wanted, which would be a while. A girl named Hermione with a younger boy, James, kept pulling me away. ''Honestly, if you want to miss Care of Magical Creatures, go ahead, but just tell us first!'' She said. I sighed. ''Alright. Where should we go?'' I asked. ''Follow me,'' she said, and practically raced down the hallway to a door opening outside. I tried to keep up, but having a girl play ''move'' your legs isn't walking. My stiff legs could barely keep up with Hermione. James had slipped off somewhere. When she suddenly stopped outside a hut, I ran into her. ''Oops, sorry,'' I said. ''It's okay, the professor should be out soon,'' she said. Slytherins were gathering around us, still laughing about ''Ms.'' McGonagall. Suddenly a great big professor stepped out from his huge hut. ''Hello! Time to learn some 'bout magical creatures, ah?'' He asked. He walked us over to the edge of the forest. ''Pick your Wood Fairies, mind not the head, and put 'em down on the logs. GENTLY! Draw a picture of 'em and see if you can label the body parts without me help,'' Professor said.
When I handed my picture to Professor, the Slytherins started laughing. Again. ''The ''arm''? Ha ha,'' said Daisy Goyle. I ran away, up to the castle, crying. I didn't know where I was going, but it was somewhere, far, far away. I ran into a empty broom cover and fell asleep. I'm not sure what time it was that Hermione found me, but all she said was, ''It's past dinner, but I brought you some food.''
She sat down next to me and showed me the food. ''Thanks,'' I said. When I finished she brought me up to the Gryffindor place. Then we talked and had fun, and I felt better. Over all, it had been a nice day. As I fell asleep in a chair, I dreamed of the next time I'd go to Hogwarts.

~Katie (With help of Madeline)
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