19 November 2014

Grateful Dead

In the sea of life
the ship of the living
is steered by the grateful dead. 


Poem envy.

{a disclaimer I haven't put in a while: most of the pictures I use are from pinterest. You can tell if it's mine because I put my watermark on it. :)}

16 November 2014

NaNoWriMo Week 2 Update!

_______  has this way of silently dismissing people, where he turns his head away from you like he's thinking of something else.
Some would wait for his mind to return to them, but most leave.
It's the silent, I'm bored with you now dismissal, and it's what he does now.
Except, instead of him being there to turn his head away, he's not here at all.


I'm not sure if I'm going to keep the name for one of my MCs, so that's why there's a blank there. 

Let's be honest here: I didn't write a lot of these days this past week. However, my word count is:


It's not where I want to be right now, espically considering we're half way through. I'm going to promise myself to at least write something everyday this week, even if it's just two words. We'll see how it goes. I'm also going to try to at least get to 12K tonight. 

Something I learned this week:

Don't consider writing that scene, just write it. If you don't like it / want to change it, that's for the editing. During November there's only writing, no editing. It's hard to remember, I know.

How have you been doing with your novel?

14 November 2014


  gotta be careful but, this could be super sweet as a send-off
Everything was lit with one blink of an eyelash
two souls touched
and the world
s p a r k e d


09 November 2014

NNWM Week 1 Update

So the girl with the moon's name rides towards the sun city in search of a stolen magic carpet.


Word count: 6464

Word goal: 25,000

Considering this entire week, I'm actually quite pleased with my current word count. I wanted to get an average of one thousand words a day {so I could have days where I was too busy to write anything}. I'm not there, but I'm still doing fine.
So it was the second day, and I was already 1000 words in my story. I can't really explain but just while I was writing I had this acute sense that the story wasn't right for me. Maybe it will be in a different time and place. I made a quick decision and switched to a different story that I had been vaguely outlining in October; {and it feels so right}.

I don't deeply outline my stories before I write them, so I really have only the faintest idea of where I'm going. I like it like that though. XD

Something I realised this week:

This page is legit the best ever. I was really behind on Friday and the word sprints got me up 2500 words in an hour. Plus it's really fun to see other writer's word counts and how they used the writing prompts/dares. 

How are you doing in your novel?

05 November 2014


I love this song by Ella Henderson. The music video is a little bit weird, but honestly, aren't all of them? :P
Anyway, it makes me want to write all the things. Write 'em all. Maybe a poem inspired by this will be coming y'alls way soon. :)


03 November 2014


During the month of November, if I'm not blogging I am one of the three:

at dance class/rehersals
doing school

Those are three things that are more important during this month than blogging. So unfortunately it means that this In The Wind will be suffering this month from lack of posts. :( The only thing I'll really be posting this month is weekly NaNoWriMo updates.

Thanks for understanding and I hope everybody who is doing NaNoWriMo does really well this month!! :)