14 January 2014

Skater Skirts

#chicwish Mint Skater Skirt
Skater skirts are a fad that I'm currently obsessed with. XD Most are pretty short, but I have seen longer ones.
I just think that they're so pretty and flowy and... yeah. -shrugs-
Floral Embossed Skater Skirt $8.99
Burgundy Skater Skirt
most people wear them with ''crop'' tops, but i'm not a huge fan....

Textured Skater Skirt: Charlotte Russe
White Skater Skirt #mesh

Do you own any skater skirts? What do you think about them?

**all pictures from Pinterest**

11 January 2014

2 Things I did in 2013

SERIOUS Library!!  Bookshelves by jordan 
1. Read over 120 books
2. Drank no soda for a year
I'm actually pretty surprised with the lovely triple-digit number I got.
But still, I can't get over 120. one-hundred twenty.
Some of my favorite books this year:
1. The Fault in Our Stars {John Green}
2. The Selection {Kiera Cass}
3. Clockwork Princess {Cassandra Clare}
4. Ruby Red {a German author who I can't remember -.-}
5. House of Hades {Rick Ri.}
6. Beautiful Creatures {by, you know, those two women}

and so many others.

And now for soda:
No soda for a year. Gosh. {I'm shuddering at all my old posts. oh dear.} How did I survive? I basically drank nothing...
Which isn't good. So, water. Lots of water.
And, I have had soda since the New Year. I'm sorta still deciding if I want to stop for longer or start drinking it again. The soda that I have had has upset my stomach, so i'm leaning towards no soda.

What do you think? What are you New Year's Resolutions for 2014?

03 January 2014

The Ballerina


''i'm a ballerina, a pretty pretty ballerina,'' she softly sang a children's song to herself. no... it wasn't right. she wasn't a ballerina anymore.
she should have rested; but the performance was calling her name. dancing on her ankle hurt--but the heavy clapping at the end of her solo had been worth it. 
but short-term injury quickly turned to long-term, and now she couldn't dance anymore.
oh, how stupid she had been. one performance, just one missed and she could have still been dancing.
hot tears began to run down her face. 
wiping her eyes, she twirled in her tutu one more time. pain shot through her ankle.