27 August 2012

AG post {Things I plan on selling}

I plan on selling these on Ebay, because I think it's a more likely place than Amazon. I'll update with listings when/if I put them up. :)

 Bitty Baby. Close Cropped blonde hair, blue eyes. I think his/her eyelashes are pretty short, as well. Since I've had him for a long time, his vinyl parts are slightly dirty. Nothing a good wash won't fix, though, so I might be doing that later. :p :)
 Molly. Her hair is in good condition. It's smooth, just it has that layer of frizz covering. The ends are frizzy, as well. Her eyelashes are long, plus her strings. No big marks on her vinyl parts, but I can't remember all that well. All marks will be posted on Ebay.
 She comes with her white thingy, sweater, skirt, and both shoes. All of those are from AG.
 Rebecca. Like I said with Molly, her hair is smooth but it has a layer of frizz covering it, so it's hard to tell. She has a blue mark on her ankle {or near}. Any other marks will be posted on Ebay. Her eyelashes are long, plus her strings.
 She comes with her dress, tights, underwear, and boots.
 One golden button is missing from her dress.
 Felicity! I'm pairing her off with some dresses {Two from AG}, so I can sell her for more. ;)
 Her eyelashes are short, but her hair is in amazing condition. Since she got a new head, it's rather loose. Her strings are long. All marks will be posted on Ebay with her listing.
 Her meet dress is from AG. {Click to see the tag.}
 She will also come with two home-made, sewing-machine sewn dresses I bought.
 And her riding outfit. Both pieces are from AG. Click to enlarge.

 Bitty Baby 'Princess Outfit'. I'm pretty sure it's retired. I'll double check that later.
 Bitty Baby meet outfit. This has been retired. All Bitty Baby outfits fit AGs.
 This was home-made, and sewing-machine sewn. I bought it earlier.
 Same thing as above. :)
 The McKenna exclusive outfit! It is fairly new, and has barely been played with. It comes complete, even with the box. I plan on selling it for the price of a normal AG outfit, $28 {or at least start the bidding there.... ;)}.

 It is from AG.
 Some sort of Bitty outfit. :) I think this has been retired.
 Sweater, BB.
 The Almost complete 'flower outfit' or something like that for Bitties. All that it is missing is the note bookthingy, and the Bitty Bear Tutu. It's from AG.
 Half Completed outfit, it's from Ag.
 Homemade, sewing-machine jeans. It was not made by me.-
Rebecca's hat and shawl.

What do you think? Does anything tickle your fancy? ;) ASAP, I'll have the listings up. :)
P.S. Want to know what's happening to the other dolls?
I am keeping Kit, Katie, and Kanani for normal play. The nicer Bitty and Samantha are staying on my dresser, as a family pass-on {hopefully} one day. I am returning Ivy, and I plan to sell Kenna in a year or so for about $150. :)

Can you Smell Me?

// Inspired to go to BBW by this post {and made happy/sad by it - I'm an only girl} //
// Stinkin' up the world with love, one sniff at a time //

 Okay, on a first note:
Sorry for the blurry photos. Peace. I use my mom's iPad.

I got a few things from BBW last Saturday! They have a buy 2 get one 1 free sale/thingy going on now, so that was my opportunity.
The first ''thing'' is Midnight Pomegranate body lotion. For all ye people going ''sheesh'' at me, at least I didn't get ''Dark Kiss''. :p
I really like this! It's spicy and fruity, two of my favorite things. And besides, I'm happy to add to my {EX-}only Sugar Pea collection.
 I was getting tired of smelling like Sugar Peas {I have the shimmer mist}, and since Paris is well... ya know.... fascinating I went for it! Out of all three, this one smells the best. It's a limited collection, so buy now, girls! ;)
The Sweet on Paris body lotion smelled wonderful, so I'll have to get that next time....
If you're wondering, ''where's the third item?'' my mom was out of shampoo, so she got a bottle and reduced my cost by $11. :)
But anyway, it's amazing how the smell stays on almost forever! {So hopefully I like it forever, cuz' those things are HUGE}
P.S. I'm too tired to add my siggy... I have yet to make it just ''be'' there. :p
P.S.S. This was scheduled... I was bored. ;)
P.P.P.S. For those of you who are interested I'm adding an AG post only part soon of what I plan to sell. I know not all of my followers followed me for the AG part of my blog, so that's why it's separate. ;)

25 August 2012

Giveaway Winners!

I used Random.org for this, just so you know. :)

The Winner of Bob is.....


The Winner of Butterfly N0. 2 is.......


Thanks to everybody who entered! Winners, email me at thedollworld[at]gmail[dot]com within 3 days or I'll have to chose another winner. I'll have it sent out as soon as I can, but my mom says I can't use her stamps. :( So I'll have to wait until we can go to Costco again...

Now, because I've always wanted to do this, I am giving an awarded to everybody who entered my giveaway!

1. Thank the person who awarded you and give her/his link:

2. What do you do on a rainy day?

3. How often does it rain where you live?

4. Award this award to 3 or more people:

5. Notify the nominees.

{Ehh. They follow my blog, that's enough, right? ;)}

24 August 2012

Hair Accessories DIYCYA

Are you wondering what DIYCYA means? Well, let me tell you! :) DIYCYA is Do It Yourself 'Cuz You're Awesome!


I love push-ups, and I always thought there was something I could use the bottom for. And so, here comes the DIYCYA!

 You will need:

A hot glue gun
scrap-book tape {optional}
flower or something to put on the push-up bottom
push-up bottom 
 Using your hot glue gun, put a small swirl of glue on your push-up bottom.
 Put your flower on top and press.
 I didn't just use only crochet flowers, I also used fabric flowers!
 For this type of fabric flower, you will need:
Fabric petals
glue gun
scrap-book tape {optional}
push-up bottom
 Place a small drop of glue on your push-up bottom, and press a petal on it. Place a small drop of glue on the petal, and press the next petal on it. If you are using different colored petals, use the next color.
 Repeat until you have used the rest of your petals, or until you are done.

 They are almost done!
 Using your scrap book tape, tape it around the sides of the push-up bottom.
 If your scrap book tape is too big, like mine, you could cut it, or fold it over to the inside side.

   This is what it looks like it my hair! You can't see the scrap-book tape, but it adds a nice touch. :)
If you do this, be sure to tell me, and add the link! :)
P.S. I might be interested in selling some AG dolls and clothes! Any suggestions for where to sell {EX: Amazon, Ebay...}, or tips? :)