27 February 2012

40 days of Lent, 40 days of hairstyles. day 6

Is it really day six? Has it really been that long? Today Samantha wanted a turn. I decided to let her, because sometimes I think I don't play with my dolls who have frizzy hair as much as the ones with nice hair. :o) Felicity was begging for a turn to....style Samantha's hair! As the ''newest doll'', I couldn't say no!
Today's Style:
TOP BRAID! (If you can help me come up with better names please comment!)
P.S. I'm doing a new thing called Find the Mini! it's where you look for a mini AG doll. Since it didn't come out as bright as I had hoped I'll give you a hint...It's in the first picture, somewhere in the bunk bed.
 Here is Felicity, waiting for a turn to style. As you can see, she's too bored to smile. ;o)
 Then Samantha walks in! I decided to let Felicity try to style on Samantha.
 Samantha sits down, and the fun begins!
 This is what you'll need.  Either a large or small bobby pin (small is better), and a hair brush.
 Take three sections of hair.
 And braid, the small bobby pin is only their to help it not to come out.
 Pull braid over to other side. Felicity had a little trouble, so she had to lean!
 Put bobby pin in.
 Try to hide it with hair.
 And ta-da! Look at Samantha!
This is the top, sorry for the bad pictures, but I don't edit mine. :(
P.S. I'm thinking about cutting the ends of Sam's hair. What do you think?

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