30 July 2012

Oh, Joy

Forget I ever said I wouldn't post until next month. :P
Anyhow, something important and exciting did happen!
 What was in the package, you ask? Britt!
 Britt is a BFC INK doll. I had heard a few bad things about her hair, but I decided to take the risk. :)
 Back of the box.
 Back of the box.
Britt is very sensitive about her hair... it has this 'paste-y' thing in it. When I brushed it it looked like dandruff. :p Thankfully one tiny wash and it was out!

 Britt's eyes are a blueish grayish color, and her black hair has a red tint to it.
Her hair is very thin in places, so sometimes it looks like poor Britt is going bald.
 She tried on my Doll Diaries tee-shirt!
 Her ears come pierced, but without earrings.
 This is her shoe compared to an AG shoe. It is much thinner, shaped, and just a bit longer.
 Britt's dress is really an AG shirt! It needed to be pinned in the back.
 Britt can wear AG earrings. Her piercing hole is about as big as an AG's.
 She's very photogenic....
 She came with this. I'm not sure what it will do; I haven't found out yet.

 She was too happy about the apple, until she found out it was plastic!
 Her shoe seems to be a little big.

Going away to find some real food... 
Britt has painted on underwear, like Barbies (at least most Barbies... :O). She has a developed figure, if you're wondering.
She's much thinner than AGs, but she's just as tall. 
I am very happy with Britt! She's a beautiful doll, I suggest her for older doll collectors. She might be a little frustrating for younger ones.

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