30 July 2012

Blog Party

I'm such a horrible person {not really--I say that but I don't mean it}. Did I say I wouldn't post? I don't believe you. ;D But, I have been much better. I'm not perfect.
I'm entering Beastsbelle's blog party! 

Never Grow Up

1.  What is your favorite fairy tale and why?
I like Rapunzel just because I like the idea of super long hair, with which you can do anything with. You could tie somebody to a tree and practically go anywhere you want without your hair tugging on you.
2.  List your 4 favorite fairy tale heroes or heroines and why you like them.
1. Belle- because she loves books, and she's just so... pure. 
2. Rapunzel- because she's awesome and care-free. 
3. Beast- because looks are deceiving. Belle knew he was ugly (well, he wasn't really ugly. When they turned him into a prince he was uglier. :p {way to go Disney. The handsome prince is uglier than the beast}), but she loved him anyway. Then when he turned into a prince it was 'the best of both worlds'. ;D 
4. Eugene- because of his funny sarcasm. 

{Rapunzel- ''Something brought you here. Fate, destiny...'' Eugene- ''A horse.''}
3.  Who in your opinion is the most threatening fairy tale villain?
The Snow Queen {or witch-I forget.} from Narnia. Offering you jelly donuts and then BAM! She kidnaps you AND eats your doughnut. Now that, my friend, is what I call evil. ;)
4.  If applicable, share something about a favorite fairy tale book you had as a child.  What made it so special?
Sorry, can't answer this one.... I wasn't in the 'pretty pretty princess' stage for a long time.

5.  In your opinion, what makes a good fairy tale?
Grammar, writing- I'm quite picky. Also characters. Oh, and I HATE short sentences. {I don't like Artemis Fowle. He's all like- ''Eat. That. Jelly. Doughnut. Or. I. Will. Explode. You. To. High. Heaven.}
6.  Who is your favorite fairy tale illustrator?
Like I said above, I wasn't in the pretty pretty princess stage long enough to get a favorite.
7.  What is your favorite re-telling of a classic fairy tale and why?
Can't answer that. I think a modern one would be my favorite. I have yet to find out...
8.  Which fairy tale character is the most like you?  
Belle- we're both book worms, and I looked a lot like her before I got my hair cut.
9.  If you could choose to be any fairy tale character, who would you be and why?
I'd have to wait and read all the fairy tale books, and find the most awesome one. Because the most awesome would have the most super awesome powers, right?? {Yes, this is how I do logic. ;p}
10.  If you could have one wish, what would it be?
          a.  that a fairy godmother would come along, give you a dazzling outfit and shoes, and whisk you away to a royal ball
          b.  that you could fly
          c.  that you would discover an enchanted world outside of our own
          d.  that you would be able to go on a grand adventure
Either C. or B.  C would be like Narnia. And of course, everybody's had dreams of flying.
11.  If you could find out anything about your favorite fairy tale character outside of the pages of his/her story, what would you want to know?       
How they always look good, even waist deep in mud. :p
12.  Share a picture of one of your dolls dressed as a fairy tale character. :)
Maybe later....
I hope you enjoyed!


  1. Thanks for joining, Madeline. It was fun reading your answers. :)


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