21 July 2012

Link Love, Round 5

So, I have noticed something important about blogging on Google, but I'll save that for a more serious part of this post later. :p
Also, I realized, this is my 115th post! Woot! I'm sorry I passed the big 100, but whatever.
What is Link Love?
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1. Emma is looking for pen pals (I sent her an email--and now we're pen pals!)!
2.It looks like Rosalyn and Felicity had fun!
3. How to make a Mockingjay pin for your dolls!
4. A cool post about suggestions for what dolls can play with!
5. Nikki has an awesome cafe!

So, about this important what's your name thingy:
Practically all of us bloggers have somewhere within our blog, that photo or paragraph that will normally state something like this:
' This is all property of {whoever} do not steal/copy!!! '
Some of us, however, don't add watermark to our pictures.
Have you ever used a picture off of GOOGLE IMAGES on your blog?
I sure have! It's easy to just use something off of there if you haven't prepared pictures. Did you know Blogger is from Google? So every photo that you post on your blog, you can find at Google Images. It will still be there, edited or non edited. You can try to find some of your pictures now, if you'd like.
Not everybody checks back to the link (sometimes the photos don't even have a link back). I often don't. So if we don't, we won't see that little space titled 'DON'T STEAL/COPY!!!' We'll use it, without a second thought. I found one of my pictures recently, and it had my last name listed on it {which I do not share, nor want to share publicly}.
Want do you think of this? I will diff. start using water mark on my more important images!
P.S. I wrote this all yesterday but I forgot to post it!!


  1. Thanks for linking me :D

    Just so you know, EVERY image you post online goes to Google images. So there's really no way to keep things safe from it except watermark everything.

    1. Welcome. :)

      Yeah, I did know that. It's quiet unsafe for younger children who blog.
      Though I don't like watermarking my photos, I suppose I should get into the habit.


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