19 July 2012

Strawberry Dessert Muffins

My mom was a touch worried about me making these, because the instructions were kinda 'vague'.
But I made the mix last night (two different bowls-- the 'wet' bowl and the 'dry' bowl), and then I baked it for breakfast.
So, you see the title and you think 'Dessert--- for breakfast ???' Well, to me it's sorta like coffee cake. You see the word cake and you think dessert. But coffee cake is made (normally) for breakfast. It's the same way with these muffins.
 First things first. The recipe didn't have enough liquids in it, so if you do this you'll have to add more milk (My mom just added it until the batter really looked like batter). This was pretty easy, and though these muffins were good, they weren't really to die for. I wish the flavoring was stronger, it sorta tasted like Costco strawberry jam (only when you bit into a strawberry).
It made a nearly 24 muffins.... I'm not saying that's bad!
The topping was too die for! Who would of thunk it (yes, thunk's a word!!!)?
Overall, this was a good recipe. I'd give it 3 stars (out of five). I might of changed the recipe, though, like maybe added more vanilla extract (for a stronger flavor), or mashed the strawberries a little (more juicy, more flavor!).
To view the recipe, click here. If you want to make this but aren't sure of it, you can use vegetable oil instead of butter (that's what I did).


  1. Ok let me help you!

    1st. did you follow the instructions properly?

    2nd. don't use oil!! You HAVE to use butter.

    3rd. Don't mix separately! Like I said in the instructions, mix togther! :)

    4th. Did you use a large egg? If not, it will be dry.

    5th. Don't add to much milk.

    6th. did you smash the strawberries? Because you don't do that either. :)

    7th. How did you get 24 muffins?!? Did you double it? If not, something went wrong.

    8th. There is NOTHING wrong with adding more vanilla extract! I'll do that sometimes too! :D

    I hope this helped......

    Have a great day

    1. My answers:

      1. Yes

      2. Oil worked for me, and I think the muffins were pretty good.

      3. I didn't mix them separately, but I did put them in different bowls (without mixing).

      4. Yes, I used a large farm egg.

      5. No comment. ;)

      6. I suggest it, but I didn't do it.

      7. I didn't double it, maybe it was the milk?

      8. No comment.

  2. AHHH! I love the hamster!
    Sorry, random outburst :D

    1. Thanks. <3 She's a teddy bear hamster, and she'll just fall asleep right on you!


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