02 August 2012

Cottage House: Letters to Us, Part 1 // My entry

 First of all, This is my entry for The Pink Dancer {the theme was Weddings/Bridal Shower}:
I found this fake flowers and thought something like this : ''CUPCAKES!'' and then I thought : ''Wait, I have a better idea! I could use this as my picture!'' Yeah, the things that go through my head...

Without further re-do, enjoy my story connected with my new room (not finished yet):


Dear Wife,  
After searching for what seems forever I've found the perfect house. The house you've described as a dream is waiting for you. It's very small, but it'll be easy to add on if need be. There's a yellow walled kitchen, a single blue master bed room, and then the rest of the rooms are a creamy color. The stairs to the second floor are swirled---imagine that! There's a small flower bed in the front and then a vegetable garden in the back, complete with fruit trees. There's a small stone path leading to the lake---our lake, dear. Not big, but it'll be wonderful just to swim there. 
The house comes with a few loose ends the sellers didn't want, such as: 
A desk (I'll spray paint it white, if you like) 
And a few other things. 
The roof is brick/stone, with a straw covering. It'll be very easy to remove the straw, but it gives the cottage a cozy English look. I've found many things in the attic---there's so much stuff the sellers didn't want! I think they must be snow birds, because they have many 'exotic' things. They also left a China set; by accident or not. I'll contact them to make sure. It's a beautiful blue color. 
Did I tell you? There's also a stone basement. Nothing in there, except for just one large room. I suppose we could break it down into smaller rooms. 
I've just found out this morning (they decided to wait to tell it to the buyer), that there is a secret room! At the end of a hall way are French bookshelves. They are really doors---leading to a beautiful, furnished room. I'm not sure what it was used mainly for---there's a mini kitchen, den, dining room and a two bed rooms (both with prince or princess, whatever, sized beds. I suppose a prince is the size down from a queen sized bed?)

Dear Husband, 
Why did you call me 'dear wife'? There's nothing wrong with that, but most people would put 'dear Alissa'.  Well, it doesn't matter. 
The house sounds wonderful! I'm so glad you bought it. Yes, do please spray paint the desk white. I don't prefer desks any color except for white, myself. 
Loose ends---to think of it! I can already imagine it... 
You'll need to send me pictures some time soon. I need to know how big the kitchen is. I'd also like to see the French bookshelves, and the roof. A fake straw roof? I think it sounds fine. I'll have to check it out though first. Please tell me ALL the rooms--I'd like to know what to pack, like if we need that silly old deer head of yours.  

It's not a thriller, or anything. I'm just trying to make it feel-good. Have I succeeded? Please comment!
 P.S. It might not be letters the whole story--who knows?!


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    1. Thanks for the quick reply! :D

  2. I really like this story! I think it's really sweet how so far, it's made up of their letters. My favorite part is the "silly old dear head". :)


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