22 July 2012

Sponsor Me, Darling?

Have you ever thought it'd just be so cool to get sponsors?
I have. Lots of times. It may the most often thought that goes through a bloggers head.
I mean, getting payed for doing something you love. You don't even have to be 16 or whatever. As long as you can write, you can get paid.
I do know that while it's not likely I'll get sponsors anytime soon, I have a better chance now than when I had only 5 followers (I was so darn excited!).  A girl can always dream, can't she???
Do you want to sponsor me?
I'd be SOO excited! Click the 'Sponsor, etc.' page above and let's get started. If you aren't sure, be free to shoot me an email at
and we can talk some.
Right now I'm happily dreaming of sponsors, and even if you don't sponsor me there will be a day. So no pressure. Thanks for just reading this, for being a follower. You make my day, everyday. <3
P.S. My siggy's not working.... THIS IS NOT GOOD, NOT GOOD I TELL YOU!!
P.P.S. When I'm tired I get hyper instead of crying. I went to IKEA, got meatballs, walked around a lot, and am super tired. Sorry about the P.S. above. ;P

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