10 July 2012

Roses // ABBA

If I asked you what ABBA is, you most likely wouldn't know.
ABBA. A Swedish band. Ring a bell? Most likely not.
 I found out I wasn't the only girl in the world who listens to ABBA! Woot! For those who know what ABBA is, some trivia:
What song is my blog title from?
Yes, I chose part of a song for my blog title from ABBA! Those who have seen Momma Mia might have an advantage.

 Yesterday I went to Costco, and I saw some lovely coral/orange roses!
Oui, you might think I'm weird for getting orange-y roses, but I love them!
I put them in a green vase. I'm very *festive*....
I have my official idea for my new header, but I still have to take the picture and all that. It's going to be hard though....


  1. Hi Madeline! I awarded you! See my blog (myagdollstory14.blogspot.com) for more info! :)


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