05 July 2012

New AG things!

While I know I gave y'all the link for to view (here) all the new AG stuff, I didn't really place my thoughts about them. After placing a very long comment about my thoughts (here) I realized my mistake.
The Fashion Boots. I am in love!! I think their a must have for any dolly fashionista.
Striped Sneakers are also too cute, but I'm not so sure about them for my dolls.

They call this new. I call myself Nora. Does that mean my name is Nora? No. It doesn't. :p To tell you the truth, I never really liked this outfit in the first place. The flip-flops are also seem like their cheaply made.
Ivy's Rainbow Romper also isn't very pretty. I saw it in person, and it's made out of bathrobe like material. At least poor Ivy get's another outfit, but what was AG thinking when they made this?!?!

The Butterfly Twist Dress is cute. Love the boots and the head bands. It's dif. aged towards younger kids, no tweens and teens. I could NEVER see myself or my dolls wearing it!!

The Sweet Savannah Dress is SOO cute! The shoes seem a bit out of place, though. It may not match, but it 'goes', as my mom would say.

I died when I saw this. My favorite parts are the vest and the shoes. The shoes even have little heels on them!!
The Allergy-free Lunch is a great idea. AG seems to be thinking out of the box this year. They are making things for kids with needs different than most of ours, and I think it's a great idea! The lunch also looks yummy. :)

Such as this. The hearing aid is totally cute, and I'd get it if they didn't need to make a hole in your doll's ear to use it. Also, I think it'd be cool if it was like the earrings, with lots of different colors to choose from! Maybe the pink won't go with a new outfit? With that it'd be no problem, just change the color!

Best. Idea. AG. Ever. Had. Period.
I may even need to get one of these dolls myself, even though I don't have cancer!

I'm in love with this. To tell you the truth, I hate tights for AGs. They have NEVER worked for me! I'm so glad these are knee-socks! Even though the shoes are plastic, there is nothing that could stop me from getting this!!!!
Now, the rest in links:
The Roller Skating Set is not one of my favorites. Neons are in this year, but it's pretty low for AG to swoop. AG is about being unique, and I think this is a rule that AG should stick to itself.
The ''Feeling Great!'' Outfit is pretty cute. Sure, any other doll company could of done it, too. But they didn't. AG got to it first. There's nothing really bad I have to say about this, except it's not a lot for $28.
The Volleyball Set is too cute to be true! I love the red and the black and the white! The shorts are also too cute! I don't like the sneakers that much, but whatever. I'd still buy it.
Meatloaf!!! At first I was like, what is this? But now I know what it is, I couldn't think he'd be cuter!
Licorice. I used to think she was too cute. But then they made her ugly. I hate this thing. I want it to die. My dolls will never be allowed to see this ugly creature, it may blind them.
Julie's car!! I've noticed a lot of 'Julie can't drive, what's up with this?' AG totally understands this. That's why the made it so Julie can't sit in the driver's seat, but she can sit in the passenger's seat. So in other words, this is perfect except for the price. They CAN'T retire Julie now.
If I've missed anything, please tell me! Also please feel free to argue with me on any point of this new AG release.

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