03 July 2012

Growing Up // Room Changes //Update

First and only post for this week--but expect another from me next week! This post is going to be so massive it has three titles. :) First of all update on the challenge:
I've been having fun doing stuff other than doing stuff on the computer. Still, I slip sometimes. I allow myself to write (because I entered a writing contest--I tell myself it's okay because it needs to be done). Thankfully I have things to keep me busy, such as working on my first ever JANES, swimming, reading, and DANCING! Woot, yes, my Summer Intensive started today! I was drowning in sweat, yes, but it was glorious!
Second: Growing up:
 I've been doing some awesome remodeling on my room (at the end it won't look like you expected it to), and getting rid of all my 'babyish' stuff (which doesn't include AG!!!!). A thought on kids:
They want to grow up so badly, but part of them clings to the comfort of pink, glittery fairy wings and webkinz. I am like that. But with the theme of my new room, there's no room for little kid stuff (I find my future room quite mature, thank you). Yesterday I got rid of *most* of my Webkinz, and I'm still working on finding more 'kiddy' stuff. I also filled up 2 whole, bursting bags with old clothing (I already redid my closet---so much more room!).
Third: Room Changes:
The theme of my new room is..... THIS HAS BEEN CLASSIFIED. I'm enjoying find little things about the house, and thinking: 'this would be perfect for my new room!' I'll ask my mom about them, and if they aren't needed, I might just take them for my room. Just as the blue roses bed cover thingy above. I've already decided the color of my new room, and I'm spray painting a desk white, as well!
P.S. This is my first 'real' Slipping Through My Fingers 'life' post! Go me!
P.S.S The spelling check hasn't been working for me--is this the same with anybody else? How do we fix it? Also please excuse any misspelled words.

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