23 August 2012

hey you. yeah, you.

{Look at me, going all 'offical' and not capitalizing my words and adding periods! ;)}
Last Saturday was the end of 6 weeks. And if you know what that means....

Then you know this..
 The package finally arrived! What was in it, you ask???
 {My ears grew bigger over the course of six weeks ;)}

 Some pearl earrings! Yes, it has been six weeks! Woot hoo! I've only tried gold earrings and these have some sort of special backs, so they won't kill my ears. I plan on going to Claire's and getting some normal, cute {cheap!} earrings, and testing them out. They also gave me coupons {when I got my ears pierced-- got to Claire's!}, so that's a bonus! :)

P.S. Update on the little boy:
He's okay. He tends to make chocolate out of honey {a.k.a. drama queen}, so I should of noticed. The guilt has vanished. I put his arm holder thingy on {he took it off} and declared I was ''injured. Give me a cookie,''. BTW, I didn't get a cookie. :P


  1. Thanks! I can't wait until I can wear Sierra's earrings {the ones I won from your giveaway}. I think I have only about 5 months to go... :P


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