07 August 2012


Ok, this giveaway will be small because:
1. Nobody is sponsoring the giveaway
2. Still looking for 100 followers {and then the big giveaway}

Anyhow, what YOU could win:
 If you win {and are the first winner} you'll need to refer to the one you want by her/his name, so I know which one you want. Yes, I am pre-naming the butterflies. Get over it.  
The butterfly above is named Butterfly. :D
Her name is Butterfly 2. :D
They are as big as a thumb. You could try pinning them to your hair if you won. ???


1. Follow my blog {publicly, using GFC}*  1+ entry
2. Blog about this giveaway {comment with the link} 3+ entries
3. Email friends about this giveaway. If they follow {using GFC} you get 2+ per person {comment with who you emailed it to.}
4. Tell me which butterfly you would chose if you won. 1+
5. Tell me your favorite ice cream flavor 2+

* Following is MANDATORY; I will check. Following privately doesn't count.

I can only ship within the U.S.A. 

The giveaway ends August 25, 2012 {8/25/12}.

Yay! First giveaway! :D


Please be nice and respectful to each other.


p.s. you're looking fab today.