25 August 2012

Giveaway Winners!

I used Random.org for this, just so you know. :)

The Winner of Bob is.....


The Winner of Butterfly N0. 2 is.......


Thanks to everybody who entered! Winners, email me at thedollworld[at]gmail[dot]com within 3 days or I'll have to chose another winner. I'll have it sent out as soon as I can, but my mom says I can't use her stamps. :( So I'll have to wait until we can go to Costco again...

Now, because I've always wanted to do this, I am giving an awarded to everybody who entered my giveaway!

1. Thank the person who awarded you and give her/his link:

2. What do you do on a rainy day?

3. How often does it rain where you live?

4. Award this award to 3 or more people:

5. Notify the nominees.

{Ehh. They follow my blog, that's enough, right? ;)}


  1. Ahhh! I'm so excited!!!!!!
    I'll e-mail you asap. :D
    Thanks for the award! You're so sweet! It just rained where I live!

  2. Thanks! I love the design, by the way.

  3. haha love your poll. ;) Like the new design, too!! Awesomely British. =D

  4. Thanks! I was wondering, and your poll gave me the idea!

  5. Hi Madeline! Check out my blog! I got a really neat idea and your one of the first five to be a part of it!!!!


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