16 August 2012

Dragon Master Blog Award

Ha ha, I'm sorry I didn't post this with my other awarded post! I didn't notice I was awarded. :)
{*the ones with this star next to it are optional}

1. Thank the person who awarded you and give links to all of their blogs.
Thanks, Storyteller! Her blogs:
Dragon Master
The Story Club
Rubberboot Girl
Storyteller of Weston County

*2. Give five random facts about yourself.
Rather not. I'm pretty tired. :) 

3. What is the favorite of your blogs?
Diff. this one. Not only was it my first, it has my most posts and followers on it.  
4. If you were a Dragonmaster, would you want to be the holder of a good or bad Dragonmaster 
medallion? (note: if this blog award gets passed around a lot, some of these questions maybe be confusing. Please go to http://areyouadragonmaster.blogspot.com/. Note I don't put a link, because if people copy and paste, the link won't be a link anymore).
I don't know {I wish this one had the star next to it!!}.

5. What color gem would you want on your Dragonmaster medallion?

One with lots of colors.

6. What qualities do you think you possess that are Dragonmaster-like?

Seeing things differently, being awesome {just kiddin' ;)}, and once again, I don't know.

7. What kind of dragon and what color would you want?
A pretty, female dragon with many different colors.

8. What kind of Dragonmaster weapon would you want?
A bow and arrow. If not, then a sword.

9. What time period would you want to claim as a Dragonmaster?
Either a modern time, a future or in the Colonial days. :) 

10. Would you want to be the only Dragonmaster in your family, or have had your parents have been Dragonmasters before you?
The only one. :)

11. Make the people that you nominate aware of the award you have given them.

12. Nominate five people, or more, for this award.
{Please be aware, I am so horrible and stinkin' tired that I am not giving the links.}
Klarabelle Candy
The Ramblings of Emma
Jamie's Jottings
Just Me {and my dolls}
Saved By Grace



  1. Congratulations! :)
    By the way, I absolutely ADORE your new design. And name. And everything!


  2. Awesome sauce!! I'm checking out your blog and it looks fantastic!! So you are American, but talk in a British accent? I'm the opposite!

    1. EPP! Do you try to talk in a American accent some times? All my friends and I do! {Except we're American, and we try to talk in a British accent}
      Thanks so much! :D


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