09 August 2012

Soup The Day!

Believe me, I laughed at myself, too!
 While I was enjoying my soup, I realized fall and winter are coming on fast. Also known as the soup seasons {yeah, I did make that up.}.
I love trying different soups, and finding my favorites for The Soup Seasons {I don't really have any...}. Thus, I bring to you...

Soup The Day!

Every month or week {I haven't decided yet} I'll try another soup. Sometimes they'll be homemade, sometimes bought. I'll rate it, saving you the trouble of trying it out {and perhaps not liking it} without knowing. 


SOUP NAME: Chicken Cheese Enchilada

WHAT'S IN IT {MAIN}: Chicken broth, cooked white chicken meat, tomatoes, celery, onions, cream cheese. 

WHAT I SUGGEST WITH IT: I had tortilla chips with it. Any Mexican side dish should be good, too.

HOW I HEATED IT: I used a microwave. I would suggest using a stove, though, because I like meat that feels cooked.

THOUGHTS: The soup was very thin {I like thicker, almost stew-like soups}. The chicken flavor wasn't strong at all.

RATE: I give it 2 stars. It was OK, but I wouldn't have it again.

What are your thoughts on Soup The Day!? Should I keep on doing it?


  1. i think you should do the soup day!

  2. I might have to try it and see if I like it or not!
    Yes, you should do a Soup The Day! hehe


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